Carnarvon Business Development Presentation

Martin Cebis
AusIndustry – Entrepreneur Development
Single Business Service
Growth Sectors
What is the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure
Business Evaluations, Business
Growth Services, Supply Chain
Services and Business Growth
Collaboration with the
research sector to
develop new ideas with
commercial potential
Accelerating the
commercialisation of novel
intellectual property in the form
of novel products, processes
and services.
EIP Eligibility (Summary)
The program’s focus is small to medium enterprises
To access, the business needs to meet eligibility criteria:
Be a trading corporation under the Corporations Act 2001
Be solvent
Meet minimum annual turnover of $1.5m ($750K in Remote areas)
Be below an annual turnover of $100m
Have traded (lodged BAS) for three or more consecutive years
Operate in, or in support of, the Growth Sectors
For the Business Evaluation:
– Not previously received an EIP Business Evaluation or, Enterprise
Connect Business Review within the last 5 years
Business Evaluation
No Financial Cost
Confidential and objective
Experienced ex-private sector Business Adviser
Holistic evaluation of the business
Agreed action plan to implement improvement
Qualified referrals and linkages
Business Evaluation Projects
Funding is available to implement Business Evaluation
Recommendations, such as:
Strategic Planning
Internal Systems
Lean thinking/continuous improvement
Marketing, Branding and Communications
Human Resources
Exploring New Markets and Market Intelligence
Design thinking
Business Growth Grant
Assists firms to implement the recommendations
stemming from their Business Evaluation, Growth or
Supply Chain Services
Links firms to external improvement specialists
Adds new capability to the business
Provides matched funding up to $20,000 per grant.
An eligible company may access more than one grant
Capped at $40,000 of matched assistance
Business Growth Services
“a tailored engagement for eligible high growth potential
businesses, of up to two years, focussed on developing and
embedding business capabilities, knowledge, strategies and
connections to accelerate growth”
Harnesses a network of knowledge and experience to
accelerate the growth of your business
Business Growth Services
Advice and Mentoring
Relationship Management
- Design thinking
- Business model
- Competitive
strategy - Blue
- H1-H4 –
- Enabling the
and finance
-logistics, channelsexport
- Funding growth
- Lean / CIP
Design and
Strategy and
- Design Integration
- Organisational
Strategy and Change
- Market / sector
-big data/trends
- research
Connectivity – peer to peer, research,
investment, supply chain, IGC, expert networks
Supply Chain Facilitation: Purpose
“a practical approach for eligible businesses
to develop their supply chain capabilities
and improve their ability to interact with and
supply into new and existing markets.”
To be achieved by:
• Sharing practical information on supply chains;
• identifying business level improvement opportunities within a
supply chain;
• building the capability and skill of individual businesses to
secure supply chain opportunities; and
• facilitating quality connections between businesses and
principal buyers, both domestically and globally.
Supply Chain Facilitation Services
Research Connections
“A facilitation service providing expert advice and
solutions for business to knowledge -related issues and a
brokering service to link businesses with appropriate
knowledge providers and research organisations’
• Aimed at building collaborations between
businesses and researchers
• Assists small and medium businesses to access
research expertise, suppliers of technology and
technical knowledge and advice
Research Connections
Accelerating Commercialisation
Accelerating Commercialisation contributes to EIP’s objective
• accelerating the commercialisation of novel intellectual
property in the form of novel products, processes and
• creating new businesses based on novel intellectual
property with high growth potential; and
• facilitating greater commercial and economic returns from
both public and private research and development
investment to drive business growth and competitiveness.
Accelerating Commercialisation
Eligible Applicant:
• non-tax exempt company, registered for GST
• individual, researcher, partnership or unincorporated trustee
who agrees to form a company if successful
• a Commercialisation Office or Eligible Partner Entity
• do not have to be in one of the 5 growth sectors or
supporting sectors
R&D Tax Incentive
Broad based, market driven entitlement programme
For all industries, all company sizes
Jointly delivered by AusIndustry and the ATO
The Industry Skills Fund
• $476 million over 4 years
• 200,000 targeted training places and
support services
• Prioritises assistance to small and
medium businesses including micro
• Commences on 1 January 2015
An entitlement programme for individuals / firms
Imported goods to be exported in the same form ….OR
Used as inputs into the manufacture of other goods
Goods must be exported within 12 months
Up front exemption from Customs duty
(5%) & GST (10%)
Can result in improved cash flow
Other Programmes
Small Business Advisory Services
Small Business Support Line
Textile, Clothing and Footwear Corporate Wear Register
Enhanced Project Bylaws Scheme
Manufacturing Transition Programme
Certain Inputs to Manufacture
Cooperative Research Centres
Visit for further information and to
subscribe to the latest programme updates or call 13 28 46.
Thank You
Department of Industry | Business
Martin Cebis
T: 0401 103 033
E: [email protected]

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