Bde Training1 FY12

U.S. Army Cadet Command
“Motivating young people to be better citizens”
JROTC Program Update
Brigade Instructor Training
“Motivating young people to be better citizens”
JROTC Organizational Chart
“Motivating young people to be better citizens”
Leon McMullen
Deputy Director
Loretta Owens
Chief, IM
COL Bagley
Jim Wood
Chief, Tng & Ops
Bryon Hand
Chief, Education
Tia Doyle
Budget Analyst
Instructional Systems Specialist
Tina Proctor
Lead HR Specialist
Financial Systems Analyst
HR Assistant
Johnny Ried
Lead Pay Technician
Tom Salo
HR Assistant
Lindsay Daley
Pay Technician
Catina David
HR Assistant/Security
Marisol Santiago
Pay Technician
Adriana Gonzalez
HR Assistant
Mabel Allen
Pay Technician
Dawn Hamblen
Sabrina Womack
Pay Technician
William Baraby
Admin Assistant
Amy Kaine
Athlynne Tyler
Instructional Designer
Herb Fraizer
Eli Murrell
Calvin Gager
Data Management
Cynthia Fields
Data Management
Note: 7 Term Positions were
terminated as part of the 10%
personnel cut
Billy Smith
Dep Ops
(502) 624-XXXX
John Lilygren
Course Manager
Marsha Bradley
HS Programs
“Motivating young people to be better citizens”
 DOD & DA conducting pilot test to issue CAC cards to Retirees/Family Members
 Termination of JROTC instructors as GPC holders at the unit level
 Automating the qualification and instructor pay process
 Revision of CCR 145-8-3 (no CFIs for FY13)
 Helping instructors develop an ethical student-instructor interactions
 Communicating with stakeholders (i.e., Superintendants, Principals)
 Obtaining qualitative data to measure effectiveness of the program
 Messaging the goodness of the program
 Implement a qualified instructor recruitment plan without funding
 Continue to seek resources to sustain the Strategy of 2022
Talking Points
“Motivating young people to be better citizens”
 Standards and accountability within the Command
 Taking care of your AI and Cadets
 Updating your records is an individual responsibility
 Loss of continuity with move to Ft. Knox
 Major Moving Muscles for JROTC:
 Executing 1731 units (314K Cadets, 4000 instructors, 95 civilian employees)
 124 JCLC (24K)
 Army JROTC Air/Drill/Raider Championship
 JLAB (mandatory level 1)
 STEM events hosted by universities
 Expansion of JROTC (1910 by FY20)
 Sexual Misconduct
 Purchase of cold weather gear for Cadets (40% for JCLC)
 Hazing within the Command (CCR145-2 wrt Cadets and instructors)
 Weight control
 Education Requirements (requirement will not go away)
 NCOs serving as SAIs (exception granted until an AI departs)
 Tell us how we can help you to execute the mission of JROTC
“Motivating young people to be better citizens”
The JROTC program provides an invaluable return on
investment to the school, community and nation.
Continue to motivate our Cadets under budget

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