Sasquatch by Roland Smith - 2

Sasquatch by Roland
By Emily Carroll and William Tran
The book Sasquatch is about a boy named
Dylan’s dad going to Mount Saint Helens for a
camping trip. Only after a few months does
Dylan learn that his dad saw what he believed
to be Bigfoot, or the sasquatch. Later on,
Dylan’s dad goes back out into Mount Saint
Helens to search for the cryptid with some of
his friends for the B.F. I. Dylan is supposed to
stay at his friends house while the dad is gone,
but instead sneaks out to the mountain with
his dad’s friend Buck.
Once at the mountain, which is always having
earthquakes, Buck and Dylan find what looks
like Bigfoot’s footprints. Over the radio, Dylan
hears his dad and his partners talking about
finding Bigfoot near a ravine, then killing it.
Later in the night, Dylan spots bigfoot, but is
almost too late when one of the men shows up
with a rifle, ready to kill the sasquatch. Dylan
stops the man and manages to get out alive
with his dad, taking Buck’s staff with him.
Analysis (cont.)
The mood of this book is some wonder and
suspense. One example from the text is
when Dylan’s dad comes home from his
first camping trip in the mountain covered
in scratches and won’t tell Dylan what
happened. Another example is when Mount
Saint Helens starts to spew lots of ash and
shake violently, and Dylan has to save his
dad and himself. This shows how the mood
has some wonder and suspense in it.
The theme of Sasquatch is to never give up
on your family and always help out. One
example from the text is when Dylan
openly wants to go and help his dad with
his hiking trip. Another example is when
Dylan and his dad are stuck on the
mountain and Dylan needs to help his dad
no matter what happens to himself. This
shows that the theme is to never give up.

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