April 2012
Baby- Friendly Initiative Ontario - Logic Model/ Strategic Plan 2012-2017
All eligible facilities in Ontario receive the Baby-Friendly Initiative designation and other supporting facilities practice according to Baby-Friendly Initiative standards.
MISSION: To protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the province of Ontario through adoption, implementation and maintenance of the practice standards of the
Baby-Friendly Initiative.
To increase the number of hospitals and community health services involved in the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Initiative.
To increase the number of Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI ) designated hospitals and community health services.
To support Baby-Friendly Initiative designated hospitals and community health services to maintain their Baby-Friendly Initiative designation.
The Ottawa
Charter &
the BabyFriendly
Building Healthy
BFI Step 1, WHO
Community Health services
Provincial Ministries
Creating Supportive
BFI Step 2,6,7,9,
WHO Code
Long- term
Support hospitals &public health
units to implement BFI Best Practice
Maintain formal communication
between government rep & BFIO
Advocacy initiatives in collaboration
with key stakeholders.
Ongoing representation on the BCC
P/T BFI implementation committee.
Community Action
BFI Step 3,10
Developing Personal
BFI Steps 4,5,8
Provincial perinatal data collection
Designated facilities and facilities in
process of designation
Epidemiologists within health service
• Key informants associated with local,
provincial and national breastfeeding
coalitions and groups
• BCC P/T Implementation Committee
• BFI in Community Health Services
For example but not limited to:
• Registered Nurses
• Pharmacists
• Registered Dieticians
• Physicians
• Lactation consultants
• Doulas
To facilitate access to BFI educational
events and resources.
To establish link to BORN to increase
reliability of data.
To provide guidance for facilities
working to achieve BFI designation.
To act as the contact between health
facilities and the BCC for all matters
related to the Pre-assessment and
External Assessment process.
Participants are aware of the process of
BFI designation and to contact OBC as
the first step.
Professionals access BFI Ontario
resources, problem solving and mentor
Increased capacity and utilization of
BFI resource people in Ontario.
Government agencies and policy
makers contact for BFI input.
Encourage membership and active roles
in BFIO.
Provide opportunities for members to
represent BFIO at BFI Celebrations.
Support BCC with funding from
membership bundling.
Partner with Health Nexus to develop
BFI Common Message resource.
Explore models of education/template.
Assist with OPHA BF Promotion
Workgroup resource development.
Provincial government assists to collect
data reflective of BFI Accreditation
Ongoing educational and advocacy
activities hosted by Baby Friendly
Initiative Ontario (BFIO)
Social media especially website used to
share information.
To support the work of local and
regional coalitions and facilities in
their efforts to promote the Baby
Friendly Initiative
Increasing number of health
services initiating processes
towards adoption of the BFI.
Build Capacity to support BFI
implementation and sustainability.
Provincial Strategy Revision /Update
and distribution
Liaise with OPHA Breastfeeding
Promotion Workgroup, RNAO and
Update Ontario BFI Progress Report.
( ? Provincial Strategy)
Reorientation Health
BFI Step 1,2, 10
Website- Organize resources in 10 Step
format, include BCC definitions &BFI
Host BFI EXPO 2013/ Capacity Building
Participate in Provincial data collection
Share lessons learned from epi
perspective to interested families.
Explore opportunities for BORN data
usage for BFI in Ontario.
Inform i.e.. HBHC issues formalize to
Support Community Health Services
and Hospital BFI groups
Website, newsletter and other media.
Educational OpportunitiesBFI EXPO 2013
Invite regional coalitions to showcase
Maintain and share resources on
members only site.
Mobilize resource team.
Develop OBC BFI Celebration
Health professional interest groups
& organizations
Health care providers
Social services & support agencies
Government agencies & policy makers
Social science, social services and
health faculty staff
Liaison with professional organizations.
Network with health care providers,
social service and support agencies.
To provide input to government
agencies when opportunities arise.
Strengthen relationship with public
health and hospitals.
BFI Ontario will provide guidance/
review in health care issues
Recruit membership from diverse
professional backgrounds.
Meet with policy and decision makers.
Do an environmental scan for common

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