Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Progress to BFI

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
Progress to BFI
Tania Browes
Midwifery Manager, Community Services
Ipswich Hospital
First Steps to Baby Friendly Initiative
• Breastfeeding Guideline re written to comply with BFI
standards and made it a Policy.
• 4 staff sent on Train the Trainer course to deliver 2 day
• Maternal Antenatal & Postnatal documentation updated
to evidence required information giving.
• Guidelines for reluctant feeders / hypoglycaemia
updated. Rewritten for stage 1 assessment
• Progress driven by PCT CQUIN to achieve stage 1 BFI
• PCT BF co-ordinator worked alongside staff & NBFG.
Progress to date
• Midwifery & Neonatal Staff training began October 2011
Prioritised the Postnatal ward staff & community
midwifery support workers.
• Work on policies & mechanisms to achieve BF standards
Stage one award achieved in February 2013.
• Some staff were reluctant at first but enthusiasm grew
and practices such as skin to skin and hand expression
becoming common place.
New Initiatives
• Feeding Cue Posters designed, visual aid for parents
and prompt for staff
• Parents Guide to the Policy displayed in all areas
• Give it a Go social marketing materials in use.
• Pumps updated to support mums who need to
• BFN local peer helpers recruited to visit the wards
daily to give information and support to mums.
Current Work
• Since July, Breastfeeding Co-ordinator employed to work
along side staff & progress towards stage 2 by 2015.
We continue to train staff . Paediatric and Obstetric staff
induction sessions from August 2013.
• Audit of staff knowledge following training showed we are
meeting all BFI standards. Also highlighted areas where more
work is required. Very encouraging so far.
Challenges ahead
• Complete staff training
• Amend policies to better reflect BFI practice ( stage 1
recommendation )
• Continue audit of effectiveness of training & care given to
women, plan work to bridge any gaps.
• Record keeping of care given especially antenatal information
• Keeping Going.

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