2. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by

An adapted version of the fairytale:
the Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
… within the framework of the Comenius
partnership ‘the art is in our hands’
24th Primary school of Thessaloniki
Little Red Riding Hood is walking in the forest. She is
carrying a suitcase with paintings of the project “The
art is in our hands”.
The little girl meets the wolf and she tells him where she is
going. The wolf goes ahead of her and eats her Granny and then
waits for
Little Red Riding Hood to come.
When the wolf is ready to eat her, the Red riding hood opens her
magic suitcase and suddenly...
The granny safe and sound…
harlequins, children with pigeons,
people and animals crying out for
a wounded angel,
a turtle trainer with his turtles,
faces of fruit,
the dreams of a child,
…come out of the suitcase, flying, singing, dancing.
So many colours, so many feelings so many messages...
The wolf is dizzy. It was all a dream! A terrible
The art is in our hands! says Riding Hood.
And here is a painting the Riding Hood
made of the wolf and his family.
They lived happily ever after
...and Riding Hood with all the children fight for
peace, for the protection of animals, for better
environment, for a better world!
The images are downloaded from google representing paintings
by an artist of each country of the partnership:
Poland: Stanislaw Wyspianski
Spain: Pablo Picasso
Greece: Alexis Akrithakis
Finland: Hugo Simberg
Turkey: Osman Hamdi Bey
Italy: Arcimboldo
Iceland: Gunella
England: Quentin Blake

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