Materials Development
• Contact the experts
• Consult the experts
• Design authentic tasks
In Search of Content Teachers
Speaker: Angela Ko (柯瓊琪)
In search of the content teachers
• Co-working with the departmental offices
• Contacting content teachers
Consulting the Experts
Speaker: Vanessa Tu (杜佩璇)
• Where is the difficulty coming from?
Subject matters
Content knowledge
1. Suspicions
• From experts:
You’re crossing the line!
What is ESP?
What do you want to do with our students?
Why is this activity?
How are you going teach our students, please be
• We are not trusted!
• Time spent on describing
Shouldn’t be too surprising
• Math experts
• Medical professionals
Math (English for General Science)
ESP teachers
Article Selection
Result of compromise
Choose the articles:
(1) we understand
(2) relate to math
Math Specialists
Topics : too narrow
Content: too general
 Content : Language = 7 : 3
 Topics decision: Infinity, possibility, integral, pi
Activity Design
Totally no clue.
Emails; Meetings
Consulting result
 Totally no clue.
Depend on ourselves
Self-learning: Khan Academy
From: Vanessa Tu <[email protected]>
-文章標題:Math Without Words-- Numerical reasoning seems independent of language
-Vanessa的看法:本篇以很多研究例子來驗證數學和語言的獨立性; 一樣對學生而言能激發他們的興趣; 先激發他
們的興趣, 再求他們從中學習。
-Pro. Wang 的建議: 可用!
-Pro. Nien 的建議: 不建議使用
-文章標題:Folk Numeracy and Middle Land -- Why ours brains do not intuitively grasp probabilities
-欲截取文章內容:a. 將文章標題中副標的Part 1 刪除, 增加全文的完整; b. 內文的最後一段捨去, 原因同a.
-Vanessa的看法:這篇文章非常的有趣, 由日常生活每個人都會遇到的情況來探討奇蹟是否真的是奇蹟, 對數字的
直覺為何總是錯誤; 學生們一定會喜歡!
-Pro. Wang 的建議: 可用!
-Pro. Nien 的建議: 可用!
-文章標題: The Science behind SUDOKU--Solving a Sudoku puzzle requires no math, not even
-欲結取文章內容:第一段(“Family Tree“那段之前的Introduction) + 最後一段(“Human Strategies") (共
-Vanessa的看法:全文字數真的過多, 因此我將中間幾段捨棄, 只取第一段與最後一段. 這兩段就我看來可以順暢
連結而不需另加文字連結 (此為“智慧藏“的其中一項要求:不可自行加入句子或段落), 教授你們的想法呢?
-Pro. Wang 的建議: 不建議使用
-Pro. Nien 的建議: 不建議使用
From: Vanessa Tu <[email protected]>
Dear Professors,
After only several email exchanges, we reach an agreement on the potential articles of math ^0^ :
Pro. Wang: #5>#1>#8>#6>#4
Pro. Nien: #5>#8>#6>#7>#1
Both of the professors cast the votes on the articles #1, #5, #6, #8; however, from the perspective of an
English teacher and a material developer, #6 seems too hard (I can't understand the contexts even in
Chinese version >.<, and I can predict that the students from various fields would pretty struggle with
this one as well). As for #4, this article is too psychological-oriented which may not be beneficial for
students to learn academic English in math, and therefore it is not so appropriate to put in math unit.
So now our potential numbers are like this:
Pro. Wang: #5>#1>#8
Pro. Nien: #5>#8>#7>#1
#1 and #7 both talks about probability, so we just choose one of them. Here #1 is chosen because of
the agreement of both professors. Now is like:
Pro. Wang: #5>#1>#8
Pro. Nien: #5>#8>#1
#2 "Math Without Words-- Numerical reasoning seems independent of language" is the decision
made by several of my colleagues, and we think this one can be beneficial for students' academic
English development and also for teachers to develop appropriate activities.
Therefore, our final four articles are: #1, #2, #5, and #8.
Thank you again for all of your help.
Sincerely yours,
Vanessa Tu
Health & Medical Care
Article Selection
ESP language teachers
Content teachers
Choose the readings
(1) hardly understandable to
common folks
(2) related to medical specialty
Topics and Content:
1. too specialized
2. Recommend: Narrative
Abandon all the chosen articles
Compose in the style of narrative medicine
1 article/ 1 disease/ different perspectives
Vocabulary: doctor-patient dialogues
Linguistic focus/ practice: tasks
Authentic Materials and Tasks
Speaker: Ching-yi Yeh(葉靜怡)
Pre-reading: Job Ad.
(English for Careers)
• Objectives:
1.To elicit their background knowledge about a job ad
2.To understand the key information in a job
3.To find out what a good job ad is
• How?
1.To show them a real job ad and point out the key words
2.To compare several authentic ads
Product Manager
•Responsible for business management of product line(s) assigned including sales,
pricing, channel, marketing and inventory management
•Liaise with vendor(s) to work out joint target and resources committed, sales target,
go-to-market strategy including new product launch, sales management and
promotion support
•Execute sales and channel strategy, with direct touch on top accounts and establish
sales cadence with sale team to achieve company’s goal on channel reach, market
share and profitability in great details
•Degree holder with minimum 10 years relevant experiences in sales and marketing
of IT or electronic products in Hong Kong.
•Positive, mature, disciplined, motivated with good interpersonal skill and willing to
work under pressure
•Experience with local IT channel is an advantage
•Proficient in both spoken and written English and Chinese, Putonghua is an
•Less experience will be considered as Assistant Product Manager.
2x Outdoor Media Sales Executive
•LONDON - £18,000 - 20,000 + COMMISSION
Greater London
£18-20,000 + 5,000 commission
•Are you a confident and personable graduate? Enjoy
putting together PowerPoint presentations? Would you
enjoy presenting them back to some of the largest
brands in the UK? Outdoor Advertising is booming and
could need someone like you on board today!...
Feedback 1: Background Knowledge
• Where to work?
• What is the position?
• How much is the salary?
• What are the requirements?
• How many work hours per day?
Feedback 2: Finding the key words in
the ads
• Read the ads and tell me the key words
2.Address/ contact
Feedback 3: Critical thinking
• Through comparing the ads, students tell me the
1.No job description
2.No mentioning the working hours
3.The requirement is too general
4.The pay is too high
Within-reading: Hybrid Vehicles
(English for Hi-Tech Industries)
• Objectives:
1.To gather relevant information and motivate students
2.To add vocabulary
• How:
1.A short video
2.Pair work to check what they see from the video
Feedback 1: Elicitation
• Quiet
• London
• Electricity pole, charger
• Convenient
• Letter “C”– (center)
• Many buses and bikes in the city
Feedback 2: Giving Extra Information
• Charging station/point
• CCZ (Congestion Charge Zone)
Feedback 3: Asking Questions
From students:
• How much do they pay for recharging the car?
• Does the policy (CCZ) work?
From the teacher:
• How can the Taiwan’s government encourage
people purchasing hybrid cars?
Post-reading: DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
(English for Medical and Health Care)
• Objectives:
1.To provide the chance for students using the
vocabulary and ideas
2.To develop critical thinking
• How:
1.DNR in Taiwan VS. DNR in USA
2.Group work to discuss the forms
Feedback 1: Elicitation
The DNR consent form in Taiwan
The DNR consent form in the US
Feedback 2: Asking Questions
From the teacher:
• How do you feel when a doctor explains DNR to
• Would you sign it?
From students:
• Can the family and patient withdraw?
• Does it mean that the medical professionals give
up resuscitation?
Feedback 3: Discussion
• How would you like the medical professionals to
explain DNR if your family were in a critical
• If you were the patient in a critical condition (or
his/her family) , would you agree to receive
resuscitation treatment?

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