01. Introduction to MVC 4

Introduction to MVC 4
01. Introduction
Tom Perkins, Ph.D.
Class Objectives
• Introduce you to the basics of the ASP.NET
MVC 4 development platform.
• Develop a web site using MVC 4
• Deploy the website as an Azure site in the
• Help you to develop your development skills
by using MVC 4.
• Visual Studio 2012
• Visual Studio Express 2012
– Available as a free download from
Course Plan
• Follow the Microsoft introductory tutorial
– Available at
• Presentations will follow the tutorial, step-bystep
• Each student will develop a web site
• Each student will deploy the website to the
Internet via the Azure cloud
Class Project Website
• An application to list movies
• Movie information stored in a database
• Features:
– Create a movie information entity
– Edit
– Search database
– List movies
Page to list movies …
Add, edit, delete and validate data …
Starting the project …
• Start Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio
Express 2012
• Select New Project from the Start Page
• Alternative – use Menu
– Select File  New Project
Start Visual Studio …
Create an ASP.NET MVC 4 Web
Select ASP.NET
MVC 4 Web
Name: MvcMovie
Location: <your loc>
Solution: MvcMovie
Hit: OK
Set up the MvcMovie Project …
Select: Internet
Leave View Engine
as “Razor”
Hit: OK
Your MvcMovie (Hello, World!) project
has been created …
Run the preliminary project …
Select: DEBUG |
Start Debugging
Note: F5 keyboard
shortcut to start
When “F5” is pressed …
VS launches a browser
Opens the application’s home page
Application bar: localhost
Note random port number
Your baseline MVCMovie app
Default template gives you:
Home, Contact, About pages
Support for Login and Register pages
Links to Facebook and Twitter
Explore the app, then close your browser
• Next: 02. Adding a controller

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