Integrate the World with Kentico CMS

Integrate the World with Kentico CMS
by Brian McKeiver, Co-Owner at BizStream
Today’s Theme
• Using Integration can take you from…
What is Integration
Like mixing data from multiple sources into one perfect song
Allows you to
create that one
Killer App
Become a Rock Star
• Manual Entry Sucks but
people think it’s the only
• Integrate your Solutions
and your customers will
love you
• “WOW – I didn’t even
think that was possible”
Kentico CMS as a Platform for Integration
• Why it does integration so well
– Built on ASP.NET, SQL Server
• Framework / Foundation
– Leverage the Controls, API, Macros
– You DO NOT have to roll your own
The Instruments of Integration
• Kentico gives us many different options for
Integration Bus
REST Service
Standard WebService (asmx)
Include Built in Assemblies in external projects
Code in App_Code / Bin
Custom Scheduled Tasks
Social Media Auto Publishing in 7.0
Integration Bus Overview
• It is a Heartbeat
• What you can Sync
– Documents
– Objects
Both Outgoing & Incoming Directions
Rock Star Tip #1
• When using the Integration Bus for
Documents under Workflow; use
Integration Bus Detail
• Connectors
– .Net Class that Developer Implements (Inbound / Outbound)
• Subscriptions
– Determines the scope of tracked changes to be synchronized.
– Global / Objects / Documents
• Data Modes (Task Data Type)
– Simple: When you need to sync some of the object or document
• A handful of properties need updating
– SimpleSnaphot: When you need to sync entire object or document
• Preserves FKs,
– Snapshot: When you need to sync multiple objects
• Object and it’s children, Polls with Poll Answers
Integration Bus Demo
• 5 mins of code walkthrough
REST Service
• What is REST
Architecture Style
URL Based Resource
ASP.NET commonly uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Full object model of Kentico CMS made available
Rock Star Tip #2
• Observe REST operations at the lowest level
– Fiddler is your friend
• Web Debugging Proxy
REST Service Example
• 5 mins of REST
REST Service - CGH 1
Kentico CMS E-Commerce & Point of Sale integration
REST Service - CGH 2
REST Service does the work
• Two way integration
REST Service - CGH 3
REST Service does the work
• Updates Status
Social Media Auto Publishing
• Developers, Content Editors, Business Owners, Support
Staff, Everyone is…LAZY
– Let Kentico CMS 7.0 do the work for you
Shameless Plug
• My Blog:
– For full Blog Post Series
Social Medial Auto Publishing Demo
• 5 mins of product walkthrough
Auto Publish DEMO
Rock Star Tip #3
• Document Type field ends
in AutoPost
• Value of Long text specified as
it’s attribute type
In Summary
• Kentico is a perfect platform for
• Rock out with your Instruments of
– Integration Bus
– REST Service
– Auto Publishing
• Deliver Integrated Solutions and
graduate from geek to
Thank You
Questions ?
• Slides and demo code:
[email protected]

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