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How to Post Grades
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Topics Overview
 Processing
 U to F Processing
 Reporting Grades
 Reporting F Grades (with examples)
 Reporting U Grades (with examples)
 Missing Grades
 How U and NR Grades Affect Students
 Grade Changes
 Additional Resources
Processing Grades
How UCM Processes Grades
 The Registrar’s Office processes grades three times per year.
 Grades may be reported at any time (for first-half semester classes,
early summer sessions), but will only be processed at the end of the
Grades are always due at noon on the Tuesday following
finals week.
We must have a grade entered for each class and each student before
we can begin the “grade-roll” process.
Grades are available to students online by the Thursday after grades are
due. Probation, suspension, and dismissal notices will also be sent out
on this day (via campus e-mail and MyCentral messages).
UCM does not mail grades – they are accessible in many places in
MyCentral (Final Grades, Degree Audit, Unofficial Transcript).
MAY 13th.
U to F Processing
 Fall semester “U” grades will be turned to “F” grades
on Monday, May 2nd.
 If you would like to extend a fall “U” grade through
August 8th, e-mail the request to [email protected]
Include student’s name, student number, course
prefix/number/CRN, and when the course was
originally taken.
 Courses on the exempt list will remain “U”s until a new
grade is assigned.
 If you would like to add/remove a course to/from the
exempt list, the department chair may contact the
Registrar’s office.
Internet Browsers
 Your Internet browser can have a significant effect on your ability to use
MyCentral and Blackboard.
If your web application is not running correctly (showing you blank
screens, rendering error messages, or missing content) try opening that site
in the Firefox browser or Chrome browser.
Currently, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) will not display MyCentral content
correctly. IE9 will display some MyCentral content, but not everything.
IE8 will display all MyCentral content. To determine which version of
IE you have, click the "Help" button, and look for "About Internet
Explorer". It should display the version information.
If you cannot roll your Internet browser back to the IE8 version,
we suggest you use the Firefox browser to work with MyCentral.
The Chrome browser will work for some MyCentral content, but not all of
For more information go to:
If you have any questions about MyCentral or any other UCM applications,
please contact the Technology Support Center at [email protected] or call
Reporting Grades
 Grades are due each semester at noon the Tuesday after
finals week.
Instructors can post grades either in MyCentral or on SFAALST in
If the student earns a grade of F, must include the last date of
attendance. Date must be within range of the course.
If the student never attended use the first day of the semester
(01/13/2014 or first day of the class, if different).
If the student attended the whole time use the last day of the
semester (5/9/2014 or last day of the class, if different).
If you will be posting grades for a faculty member, make sure they
have provided you with last attendance dates for any F grades.
Tips for Reporting Grades
 Errors encountered while posting grades will show in
MyCentral at the top of the page. If you don’t look
before leaving the page, you may not realize an error
has occurred and grades will not be saved.
 If a course has a lecture and lab, and each has hours
attached to it – grades must be assigned for both
lecture and lab.
 Be sure to double check for any missing grades (review
MyCentral/SFAALST or run the missing grade report
in ARGOS).
Reporting F Grades
 If an F grade is assigned, but a date of last
attendance is not included – grades will not be
saved. This will affect all grades reported.
 If an F grade is assigned, and the last date of
attendance reported does not fall within the date
range of the course – grades will not be saved.
Reporting U Grades
 When you save a roster with a U grade, you
will get a warning message noting the date
that the U will change to an F.
 This date will default to the last day of
classes for the following semester (including
summer semester).
 After getting this message, you must
click the “submit” button to save the
More About U Grades
 U means Unfinished
 This grade can be used by instructors for situations
where a student misses the last part of the class (final
exam, last paper).
The student does not re-enroll in the course.
A U grade does not impact GPA, but can have negative
consequences for students.
Student must finish work by the end of the next
semester or the U will turn to an F (summer semester
Students may not graduate with a U on their record.
Missing Grades
 There are two missing grades reports available in ARGOS.
 In the Academic Department Reports -> Grade Information 
> Missing Grades -> Missing Grade Report.
Can run report by College and Department. Can select more
than one or all.
This report will show a summary, by CRN, of the total number
of missing grades for each course. It does not show specific
Academic Department Reports -> Grade Information ->
Missing Grades by Student -> Missing Grade Report.
This report is not by college, but gives a complete list of the
students with missing grades (and you can then sort by course
NR Grades
 NR means Not Reported
 This grade is assigned by the Registrar’s Office to
missing grades.
Departments should not assign NR grades.
When a grade is not reported at the end of term, a
filler grade must be entered so that the grades
processing can begin.
The NR will remain there until the instructor assigns
a grade.
NR does not impact GPA, but can have negative
consequences for students.
How U and NR Grades
Can Affect Students
 Graduation – students cannot graduate with a U or NR on their record.
If the course is not needed to meet graduation requirements, the U can
be changed to an F. The last day UCM can award a degree is May 30
(spring 2014), August 29 (summer 2014), or Jan 15 (fall 2014).
Dean’s List – a U or NR grade may prevent a student from getting the
Dean’s List designation on their transcript and receiving a letter from
their Dean.
Grade Point Averages – a U or NR grade will cause GPAs to be
temporarily inaccurate.
Probation/Suspension/Dismissal – a U or NR grade may falsely place
someone on PSD (and dropping their classes) or may not put someone
on PSD who should be.
Federal Financial Aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress – a U or NR
grade may prevent someone from meeting satisfactory academic
progress for financial aid purposes.
Class rank, hours earned – a U or NR grade will cause class rank and
hours earned to be temporarily inaccurate.
Grade Changes
 If needed BEFORE grades have been processed, enter new grade in
SFAALST or on the original grade sheet in MyCentral.
If needed AFTER grades have been processed use the Change
Student Grade form in MyCentral.
This form will work for courses taught within the past year.
For older courses, instructors should e-mail the information to
[email protected]
If the instructor has left campus, department chairs can submit
grade changes via e-mail to [email protected]
Grade changes submitted are not reflected on the original
grade roster – see the student’s audit/transcript for the change.
All changes are typically processed within 24 hours of receipt.
 Very useful reporting tool!
 Need access or have questions? Contact the
Technology Support Center (x4357)
 Run reports on:
Course Rosters, Course Offerings, Students by Major/Dept
Graduation Reports (sought and awarded)
Enrolled and Not Enrolled Students, Admitted Students
Academic Standing, Dean’s List, D/F/W List
U and NR Grades, Missing Grades, Missing Instructors
Early Alert Notices, Mid-semester Deficiency Grades
Much, much more!
Additional Resources
 Registrar’s Office Homepage:
 Registrar’s Office Facebook Page: UCM MoInfo
 Registrar’s Office Twitter Page: UCMRegistrar
 Registrar’s Office Monthly Newsletter: via e-mail on the
first day of every month
Registrar’s page for Faculty/Staff:
Especially for Faculty university page:
BANNER How-To Information:

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