Site License and Campus GIS - College of Arts and Sciences

2012 - 2013
Site License Overview
ampus GIS
Presented by Kevin C. Remington & Wm. Lynn Shirley
Site License and Campus GIS
• Campus-wide site license with Esri since 1988
• $25,000 fee paid by campus research overhead funds
until about 2005
• Since then, funds contributed by non-CAS users on
What the Site License Covers
• ArcGIS Desktop Advanced and most all extensions
(except those via 3rd party developers)
• ArcGIS Server Advanced (Deployment details can be
• Several niche-specific tools and
organization/administrative utilities
Teaching, Research, & Admin Use
Teaching & Research
Teaching Only
ArcGIS Desktop: Installation/Licensing
Download site / borrow USB / ISO
Distribution Limitations by product
Campus license server / authentication methods
Borrowing licenses (demonstrate)
ArcGIS Server, Etc.: Installation/Licensing
• Handled on a case-by-case basis- Installation dependent
on application needs
• All Licensing is Single-Use…
Overview of ArcGIS Desktop 10.1
• Doesn’t run on the Mac OS but will run on Intel-based Macs
with Windows installed
• GUI Refinement (ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox
available via tabs, etc.)
• Data can be local, from data/GIS servers or from webcontent
• Maps/products produced can be printed, exported into
various graphics formats or shared via web deployments
• Noticeable Performance Improvements
Key ArcGIS Developments
Simplified and streamlined service publishing for map
services, feature services, geoprocessing, model services, and
Geoprocessing packages to share analysis and geoprocessing
Locator packages to share geocoding capabilities with others
Simplified user experience for creating map, geoprocessing
and locator packages to share with other GIS users
Direct access from ArcMap to spatial database tables (nongeodatabase)
New administration tools for managing Enterprise
Improvements to map layout (dynamic legend, scale bars and
north arrows)
Spatial search for data and maps
Maplex will be included at all levels of ArcGIS Desktop
New tools for cartography, (particularly in cartographic
New analysis tools and enhancements
Faster geoprocessing for large dense datasets
Areal Interpolation
Integration of time into the spatial statistics
(spatial-temporal clustering analysis)
Geodesic Buffer
Empirical Bayesian Kriging
Better performance in raster geoprocessing
Fuller integration of Python
Python tools deployed as Add-ins
Data access module
Network Analyst support
Better KML support
Easier to work the GPS data
Auto-Populated fields when editing (created
by user and time and last updated by user
and time)
New editing tools for integrating datasets and
working with shared boundaries
Enhancements in 3D visualization.
ArcGIS Desktop Demo
ArcGIS Online
• ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative content
management system for maps, apps, data, and other
geographic information.
• Key differences exist between ArcGIS Online for
Organizations and ArcGIS Online Personal
ArcGIS Online Comparison
Esri Online Demo
ArcGIS Online ( )
ArcGIS Explorer Online ( )
Business Analyst Online ( )
Community Analyst Online ( )
Esri Available Data
Esri Data & Maps (on our server) for Desktop & Server
Esri Updated Demographics
Esri Census 2010
Esri Tapestry Segmentation
Esri Consumer Spending
3rd party data bundled in apps (Bus. Analyst, Comm Analyst)
Much of Esri data available as on-line maps & services
ArcGIS Server Overview
• More support for service creation directly from ArcMap (i.e. Analyze
Layer Tool and Service Editor)
• No more SOC/SOM- only GIS web adaptor- decreases bugs,
communication issues, easier setup
• High support levels for non-hosted cloud deployments (Key differences
exist between Amazon and ESRI Cloud)
• Easy to use APIs, samples, and compiled applications now available for
multiple development platforms
• ArcCatalog can now interface with non-geodatabase spatial data tables
(MS geometry)
• SDE folder organization now implemented
ArcGIS Runtime
• ESRI Web (CAO and BAO) and Mobile apps built on
ArcGIS Runtime
• Sample Runtime Apps Available
Mobile Overview
• Licensing limitations (ArcPad – no “institutional use”)
• Mobile Apps (ArcGIS, BAO) -iOS and droid versions
• ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS available
Training Opportunities
• Colin Wilder (faculty with the USC Center for Digital Humanities) would like
responses from those interested in more intensive GIS training opportunities
(workshops, institutes, etc) perhaps spanning several weeks or offered during
MayMester. Contact Colin [email protected] or 7-2810 or Lynn Shirley,
Geography [email protected] or 7-4590 for questions or to express
• Our site license includes a free subscription to a number of on-line, self-paced
training modules from Esri. A list of those can be found from our primary GIS
page at: using the bottom-left link for
“Web-based Learning”. Contact Lynn ([email protected]) or Kevin
([email protected]) to request course codes.

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