Today`s Student Panel

Today's Student Panel
The following "student panelists" are requested to sit in the front rows
at designated seats.
Victor Abecassis
Maria Aiura
Wynee Bao
Nate Bartlett
Jenna Diaz
Thadeus Duval
Mats Johansen
Jack Kennedy
Brittany Lee
Kyle Steffens
CS 101: Week 6
Cryptography and Security
Instructor Introduction:
Ronen Gradwohl
• My Background:
o From Jerusalem. Moved back and forth.
o Undergrad: UC Berkeley.
o Grad: Weizmann Institute, Israel.
• Hobbies:
o Formerly: ultimate frisbee, rock climbing.
o Now: three kids…
• Reasons I’m in CS:
o Fun math/logic puzzles.
o I didn’t know what I wanted to do in college.
Instructor Introduction:
Ronen Gradwohl
• Current Position:
o MEDS Department, Kellogg School of Management
• My Research:
o Interface of CS (especially cryptography) with game
theory and economics.
• Example Project: Privacy in Economics
o In game theory and economics, we usually think of
people as being self-interested (maximize wealth).
o But what if they additionally care about privacy?
o A few weeks ago, I wanted to buy socks on Amazon…
This Class:
1. Art of the Problem, “Public Key Cryptography: DiffieHellman Key Exchange.” YouTube, February 2012.
2. Quisquater et al. “How to explain zero-knowledge
protocols to your children,” Advances in Cryptography,
Example applications of
Secure Communication
Secure Communication:
Compare to Art of the Problem
Zero Knowledge
Compare to Quisquater et al.
Zero Knowledge Proof for
Zero Knowledge Proof for
Flip coin:
rows or
Zero Knowledge Proof for
Why Does It Work?
How Would You Generalize
This to Real 9 x 9 Sudoku?
How Could We Make It
Zero Knowledge Proof for
Zero Knowledge Proof for
Physical Cryptography
Physical Cryptography
Visual Cryptography
Next Class:
Security, Privacy, Voting
1. Jefferson et al., “Analyzing Internet Voting Security”,
CACM, October 2004.
2. David Bismark, “E-voting without Fraud,” TED Talk, July
3. (OPTIONAL) Cyrus Farivar, “Clean Elections” CACM,
October 2008.
4. Samuel Greengard, “Privacy Matters”, CACM,
September 2010.

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