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Statewide Testing
Dropout Prevention Conference
Test Security
• For additional information, please contact
• Lionel Knight, Test Security Coordinator
[email protected] or
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Statewide Testing
• Low Stakes Assessments
– Mississippi Curriculum Test Second Edition
– Mississippi Writing Assessment Program
(MWAP) Grades 4 and 7 Assessments
(phased-out 2012-2013)
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Statewide Testing
– Low Stakes Assessments
– Mississippi Writing Assessment Program
(MWAP) English II Writing Assessment will
only be administered as a retest to those
students who were enrolled in English II prior
to the 2012-2013 school year
– Mississippi Science Test Second Edition
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Statewide Testing
• High Stakes Assessments
– Subject Area Testing Program (SATP2)
– The English II Writing portion will only be
administered to students that were enrolled in
English II prior to the 2012-2013 school year.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Low Stakes Testing (MCT2)
 Mississippi Curriculum Test, Second Edition (MCT2)
• This assessment is administered in grades 3 through 8
annually in May.
• The MCT2 is designed to meet the federal testing
requirements of the NCLB Act of 2001.
• It also serves as the basis for accountability (AYP) in the
grades tested.
• This is an untimed, multiple-choice assessment that
requires students in all grades to bubble in answers.
• It consists of two tests: Language Arts and Mathematics.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Low Stakes Testing (MCT2)
• Language Arts is broken into two parts: Reading and
Writing, and each part is tested on a different day.
• Students in grades seven and eight are allowed to use a
• Students are encouraged to be familiar with using a 12"
lead-in edge ruler with English and Metric
• Eighth graders are provided a formula chart to use on
the Pre-Algebra test.
• Third and fourth graders will answer 60 LA and 55 math
items; fifth and sixth graders will answer 70 LA and 60
math; and seventh and eighth graders will answer 80 LA
and 60 math items.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Low Stakes Testing
 Mississippi Science Test
• This is a grade-level / multiple choice test
administered in grades 5 and 8.
• The first live administration companion to 2010
Frameworks was administered in May 2011.
• This assessment will be used for Federal
Accountability criteria for the 2011-2012 school
year, but will count for Federal and State
Accountability criteria for the 2012-2013 school
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
High Stakes Testing
(English Writing)
MWAP English II Writing Assessment E/PP/R
– This assessment assesses Expository, Position
Paper, and/or Response to Literature.
• ONLY students who were enrolled in English II prior to
the 2012-2013 school year will take this assessment
on (Blue) MWAP.
• All students will use the Orange, Green or Blue MDE
Writing Assessment.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
High Stakes Testing (SATP)
 Subject Area Testing Program (SATP)
• This assessment consists of four academic, end-ofcourse tests.
• Since the 2001-2002 school year, students have been
required to pass the subject area test(s) as a
requirement for graduation.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
High Stakes Testing (SATP)
• Students are assessed on the content at the completion
of the course in Algebra I, Biology I, English II, and U.S.
• As part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) ACT 2001
and Title I requirements, all students who are enrolled in
Algebra I and English II (multiple-choice only) for the first
time must be tested.
• The scores of all these first-time test takers must be
included in the annual report cards and Adequate Yearly
Progress (AYP) calculations to comply with the federal
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
High Stakes Testing
 Mississippi Alternate Assessment of Extended
Curriculum Frameworks (MAAECF)
• This is an alternate assessment designed to
assess the educational performance of students
in grades 3-8 and 12 with significant cognitive
disabilities (SCD) who cannot meaningfully take
the Mississippi Curriculum Tests, Mississippi
Science Tests, or Mississippi Subject Area Tests,
even with accommodations.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
High Stakes Testing
• In general, eligible students are those who have a history
of requiring extensive individualized instruction and have
been classified as being severely to profoundly
cognitively disabled or experience a pervasive
developmental disability.
• The MAAECF focuses on knowledge and skills that offer
a more limited range of depth and breadth of content and
skills when compared to the grade-level standards, yet
still sets high expectations for students with significant
cognitive disabilities.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
General Information
2. If you have former students that were assessed
under FLE assessments, we are providing
these former students with the opportunity to
retake the section/s they need to complete
graduations requirements.
3. SATP emergency test administrations will be
available for students deemed eligible at
Mississippi State University Research and
Curriculum Unit.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
• This is the largest nationally representative and
continuing assessment of what America's students know
and can do in various subject areas.
• Assessments are conducted periodically in mathematics,
reading, science, writing, the arts, civics, economics,
geography, and U.S. history.
• NAEP assessments are administered uniformly using the
same sets of test booklets across the nation.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
• Westat will send teams of assessment administrators to
the schools to administer the NAEP
assessments. These administrators will be responsible
for bringing the test materials to your school, distributing
the materials (including pencils and calculators),
administering the test, proctoring, collecting the
materials, and packing/returning of the materials.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
• NAEP provides results on subject-matter achievement,
instructional experiences, and school environment for
populations of students (e.g., all fourth-graders) and
groups within those populations (e.g., female students,
Hispanic students).
• NAEP does NOT provide scores for individual students
or schools, although state NAEP can report results by
selected large urban districts.
• NAEP results are based on representative samples of
students at grades 4, 8, and 12 for the main
assessments, or samples of students at ages 9, 13, or
17 years for the long-term trend assessments.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
• These grades and ages were chosen because they
represent critical junctures in academic achievement.
• The Commissioner of Education Statistics, who heads
the National Center for Education Statistics in the U.S.
Department of Education, is responsible by law for
carrying out the NAEP project.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
• These assessments follow the frameworks
developed by the National Assessment
Governing Board, and use the latest advances in
assessment methodology.
• Each subject is assessed at grades 4, 8, and 12although not all grades are assessed each time.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Updates—Code of Ethics
• In compliance with §37-3-2, Mississippi Code
1972, Annotated, as amended by Mississippi
Laws 1997, Ch. 545, the Commission on
Teacher and Administrator Education,
Certification and Licensure and Development
and the State Board of Education have approved
guidelines for licensure.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Updates—Code of Ethics
Procedures for Reporting Infractions
Under Section 37-3-2 of the Mississippi Code (1972)
Annotated ( Revised 2011)
• Section II. Superintendents of Education: Each
superintendent of a public school must report to
MDE infractions committed under sections of the
Mississippi Code cited in Section I of these
procedures. Superintendents shall adhere to the
following procedures:
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Updates—Code of Ethics
a. Submit an initial report on all certified/licensed
employees no later than October 1 of each school year
(Appendix B).
b. After the initial report, submit reports on employees as
knowledge of offenses occurs.
c. Such reports shall be submitted within 10 days of
notification of an offense (Appendix C).
d. The license holder knowingly and willfully committing
any of the acts affecting validity of mandatory uniform
test results as provided in Section 37-16-4 (1),
Mississippi Code of 1972.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Updates—Code of Ethics
Section III – What Should Be Reported
• (3) Violations of the Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics
• Violations of Standard 9 (Maintenance of Confidentiality)
that affect the validity of mandatory uniform test results
as provided in Section 37-16-4 (1)
• The Commission on Educator Licensure has the
authority to revoke license pursuant to the authority
granted in Section 37-16-4, Mississippi Code of 1972, as
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Test Security
 Audits
• At least one school from every school district will be
audited each year. Some districts may be audited
several times in a school year.
• Test audits are conducted to observe the following:
storage and distribution of secure materials, distribution
and preparation for test, adequacy of the testing
environment, process and procedures for the test
administration, inventory and return of materials, and any
other relevant occurrences.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Test Security
 Audits
• All auditors receive training before they are allowed to
conduct on site visits.
• Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards 2012,
Appendix F is available on the web at
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Lessons Learned
(Before Testing)
1. There must be two people present at all times (before,
during, or after testing with secure materials); the MDE
auditor is not considered as one of the two people.
2. Staff members should not break the seal on test
3. Any person involved in any phase of testing must be
trained in appropriate assessment administration and
test security procedures.
4. Do not attempt to make a list of questions from the test.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Lessons Learned
(Before Testing)
6. Secure test materials must not be reproduced or
distributed to school staff (At least one person has
surrendered a license for violations that took place in
7. School staff must verify the correct number of test
booklets needed for test administration prior to the day of
8. Verify that you use the correct answer documents.
9. It is strongly recommended that teachers who teach a
subject area test course do NOT administer the subject
area test for the content they teach.
10. This recommendation is for the protection of the teacher,
students, and the school.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Lessons Learned
(During Testing)
1. Make sure tests are administered according to the
published testing schedule.
2. If you administer tests in large settings, make sure you do
not have too many students under one test administrator
and proctor. (The MDE recommended ratio is 25 to 2.)
3. Students should not sit too close to each other during test
administrations. (This situation also leads to issues when
districts are responding to an OSA-mandated
4. All subject-relevant charts in the testing room must be
removed or covered up.
5. Do not provide non-allowable accommodations during
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Test Security
6. Make sure you provide all allowable accommodations
and/or allowable supplemental tools during testing.
7. Do not coach students (with words, gestures,
movements or strategic throat clearing).
8. You must have hall monitors in place when testing.
9. School staff cannot hand out scratch paper with
answers, formulas, or anything else written on them
during testing.
10. Anyone involved in handling secure test materials must
adhere to all test security procedures.
11. Make sure students receiving the read-aloud
accommodation receive the correct test form.
12. Possession of Cell phones is not allowable for students
or teachers during test administrations.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
General Information
15. Process Standard from the Mississippi Public School
Accountability Standards, 2010 states that the school
district employ an appropriately licensed full-time
principal at each school. {MS Code 37-9-7, 37-9-15,
and 37-19-1(c)} {Full time means no other assigned
school districts duties such as Coaching, Head Coach,
Director of Athletics, Curriculum Coordinator, District
Test Coordinator, 21st Century Grant, etc.}*
16. The Principal shall NOT be the STC.
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Common Core
• Nearly every state in the nation is working individually
and collectively to improve its academic standards and
assessments to ensure students graduate with the
knowledge and skills most demanded by college and
• The Common Core State Standards in English language
arts/literacy and mathematics were created by educators
around the nation
• The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for
College and Careers (PARCC)
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Common Core
• While the Common Core State Standards are a critical
first step, they alone will not bring about the instructional
changes necessary to improve student achievement and
attainment. Creating common assessments grounded in
common standards is the logical next step and will
ensure the new standards truly reach every classroom
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Common Core
• I think we will all agree that the current system is broken.
Every state develops their own assessments and for that
reasons our nation’s assessments:
• Are of varying quality and rigor and rarely point toward
College- and Career-Readiness.
• Do not provide meaningful, real-time data for our
educators, parents and policymakers
• Cannot be compared from state to state, ensuring that
students in Mass. And Miss. are receiving the same
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Common Core
• Next generation assessments will:
• Provide a more complete picture of student performance
against college- and career-ready expectations
• Use current and future technologies to provide a
meaningful assessment and useful data
• Mitigate Challenges associated with mobility—which is a
major challenge in education
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Common Core
• U.S Department of Education set aside $350 million of
Race to the Top funding for awards to consortia of states
to design and develop common K-12 assessment
systems aligned to common, college- and career-ready
standards. In Sept. 2010, the U.S. Department of
Education awarded grants to the Partnership for
Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
(PARCC) and Smarter Balanced Assessment
Consortium (SBAC)
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing
Test Security
• Please follow all Test Security Procedures
and be vigilant in your procedures.
• Let’s have a super smooth year!
2012 DOP Conference
MDE – Statewide Testing

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