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ACET Spring 2013
Leticia Govea, TEA
Becca Marsh, TEA
School Improvement and Support
School Improvement
 Reallocation Process
 Compliance Reports
 Funding
 2013-14 Information to come
Supplemental Educational Services
Districts unable to expend full 20% obligation for
School Choice (SC), Supplemental Educational
Services (SES) and/or 1% for Parent Outreach
 submit a Reallocation Notification with the
Texas Education Agency (TEA)
 expend any unused funds from the 20% set
aside in the subsequent year on SC, SES, and/or
1% parent outreach, in addition to the 20%
obligation for that school year.
Reallocation Process for districts with Stage 1
Only campuses
Reallocation Process for districts with
campuses in Stage 2-5
2012-2013 SIP LEA Compliance Report
 Due August 1, 2013
2012-2013 Campus Compliance Report
 Due mid October
SIP Funding
 SIP listserv sent May 6
 Waiver requested
 Allow TEA to replace current AYP calculations
with State’s accountability rating system
 If granted, AYP Stage identification replaced with
Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS)
District support systems and commitments
Critical Success Factors (CSF)
Continuous Improvement
Information to come for school year 2013-14
SIP funding
Parent Notification Letters
Planning amounts
Dates of release for campus/LEA designation
School Improvement structure
When we know, you will know!
Join the TEA SIP Listserv –
SIP School Improvement
Questions about SIP?
SES Success
Requirements Review
 Process
 Removed providers
2013-14 Information to come
Students currently receiving services
Fiscal Requirements –
LEA must set aside an amount equal to 20% of
the district Title I allocation
o School Choice
o 1% Parent Outreach
o Remainder of funds are for SES implementation
Per Pupil Allocation (PPA)
Program Implementation Requirements –
▪ Parent notification
▪ Open enrollment until capacity is reached
▪ Protect eligible SES student information (FERPA)
▪ Establish contracts with providers
▪ District Responsibility to protect children
▪ Fingerprinting Requirements
By state law, contracted employees who have the
opportunity for direct unsupervised contact with
students hired by on or after January 1, 2008
must submit to a national criminal history record
information review (by fingerprinting) before
being employed (TEC Chapter 22, Subchapter C).
The results must be received through the Texas
Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Clearinghouse. This requirement applies to
online tutors, as well.
Program Implementation Requirements –
▪ Prompt SES payment procedures
▪ Plan to address parent concerns
▪ Assist parent to choose providers, upon request
▪ Apply fair and equitable procedures to serve
▪ Ensure ALL students receive appropriate
▪ SLP review and approval
Program Implementation Requirements –
▪ Display # of eligible/served students and
approved provider, including location of service,
on LEA website
▪ 90% of SES requests met within 30 calendar
▪ Good faith efforts to resolve any issues with
provider before submitting a written complaint.
How to File an SES Complaint
Checklist for SES complaint investigation
NCLB Complaint Procedures
SES Complaint investigation workflow
Standards and Techniques for Removing a
Provider removed FAQ
Information to come for school year 2013-14
Parent Notification Letters
Approved provider list
Changes or updates to SES program
 July 31- August 1, 2013 (Tentative)
 August 6-7, 2013
 August 15-16, 2013
 September 5-6, 2013
Register through e-campus, Region 13 website
When we know, you will know!
Join the TEA SIP Listserv –
SIP School Improvement
Leticia Govea
(512) 463-1427
[email protected]
Becca Marsh
(512) 936-2256
[email protected]

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