Paraprofessionals and the PSSA - Connellsville Area School District

Paraprofessionals and the PSSA
• PSSA-Pennsylvania System of School
• PASA- Pennsylvania Alternate System of
• PSSA-M (modified version of PSSA for some
special needs students) – no longer in effect
this year
• Keystones- end of course assessment that
replaced 11th grade PSSA’s
• Who takes the PSSA’s
– All students in grades 3 through 8 take Reading
and Math
– 4th and 8th grade also take Science
– *Only exceptions are those taking the PASA or
those students who have been excused due to
religious exemption.
• Alternate Assessment for students in grades 38 and 11
• Only 1% of our total population should be
taking the PASA
• Designed for students who work on alternate
curriculum standards
What you should know about the
• Video taped or transcribed (IEP
• Involves a lot of materials preparation
• Important that the students do as much as
possible with the LEAST AMOUNT OF
Why are the PSSA’s so important?
• These tests show how our students are doing
compared to other grade level students across
the state.
• AYP- Adequate Yearly Progress
• We are starting to see a lot more focus on how
the district does on the PSSA testing (ie:
administrator and future teacher evaluations will
include a section on AYP)
• Keystones- 2017 graduation requirement for
• Funding is related to our PSSA status
How are the scores calculated…
• Each student’s score is attributed back to their
home school building
• Ex: Not all students with an IEP at Dunbar
Township are counted in Dunbar Township’s
• Each building is scored through individual
– Economically Disadvantaged
– * Subgroup must consist of 40 or more
The Support Professional’s Role in
State Testing
• You will not be assigned to administer the test
• Your building principal will assign your specific
role on test days
– Helping with students in grades that are not taking
the tests
– Assisting with hallway and bathroom procedures
– PSA’s may be assisting in the small group testing
Before Test Day
• Encourage the students to realize that these tests
are important - they need to try their best!
• If the student(s) you are working with will be
testing in a separate room, know this ahead of
time. Prepare the student for the schedule.
• Encourage them to get enough sleep and eat a
good healthy breakfast on those mornings
• When our day starts off on a positive note, we
are more likely to perform better!
Test Security
• All staff must understand that the tests and
related materials are to be kept secure.
• *You may be asked to sign the test security
page by your building principal
Reveal, copy, review or provide students with any part
of the test.
Instruct students to mark more than one response to a
testing bubble.
Provide coaching or feedback
Assist in, direct, aid, counsel, encourage, or
Fail to report improper actions
Clarify words, stimulus passages, or
Math that could cue the answer
Discuss, disseminate, or reveal contents of the test to anyone.
Possess secure test materials any time other than the
authorized test date.
Leave students unattended or permit students to leave
test area with test materials.
Review student answer responses in the answer
Provide feedback to students
You DO NOT have to take the online tutorial and
test regarding PSSA
You DO have to sign the test security affirmation
if your principal asks you to.
• Your timesheet for today should reflect…
• Your recorded training hours today will
6 Hours
• This powerpoint will be uploaded to the CASD
• Under Support Professional Tab

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