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AEIS & AYP Board Templates
Jonathan Delgado
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General Overview
• Changes to the 2011-12 AEIS report and
reporting responsibilities
• 2012 AEIS school board PowerPoint template
• 2012 AYP school board PowerPoint template
Changes to the 2011-12 AEIS
Assessment results include TAKS, TAKS (Accommodated),
and TAKS-M for grades 10-11 only
STAAR EOC results will not be included
TAKS data are shown only for the 2011-12 school year
ELL Progress Measure will not be reported for 2012
Non-Educationally Disadvantaged Student Group percentage
added to Student Profile section
Changes to the 2011-12 AEIS
TEC §39.053 (g-1) requires the reporting of longitudinal
graduation rates with exclusions for state accountability
purposes. The following graduation/completion rates will be
reported in 2012:
Four-year Completion Rate for Class of 2011 with exclusions
Four-year and Five-year Graduation Rates without exclusions
that match the graduation rates used for federal AYP
District Instructional Staff Percent added to Campus AEIS
District Instructional Expenditure Ratio added to Campus AEIS
2012 AEIS Release
District and campus AEIS reports will be posted to the TEA
secure environment (TEASE) and the TEA public website in
Email notifications will be sent to district superintendents and
ESC directors.
The TEASE release provides the information that districts need
to fulfill publishing and notification requirements for the AEIS.
The AEIS Guidelines will provide details about district responsibilities.
2012 AEIS Reporting
MUST publish: Performance and profile sections of district and
campus AEIS reports
MAY publish: Glossary
(English Glossary will be available mid-November. Spanish
translation will be available in January 2013.)
MUST ADD and publish:
o Campus performance objectives
o Report of violent or criminal incidents
o Information from THECB about performance of students in
postsecondary institutions
District Responsibilities
TEC §39.362 requires districts with websites to post the
most current accountability ratings, AEIS reports, and
School Report Cards (SRC) not later than the 10th day
after the first day of instruction of each school year.
District Responsibilities
Must be held within 90 calendar days after the
November TEASE release. District winter break days do
not count towards the 90 days.
Within 2 weeks after the hearing, the AEIS report must
be disseminated.
AEIS Board Template
2012 AYP Reporting
Nov. - December
Final 2012 AYP Status released
Nov. - December
Preview of NCLB School Report Card data
(Part I only)
January 2013
Public release of the 2011-12 Texas NCLB
Report Card
AYP Board Template
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