Title III Access to Core Coach

Title III Access to Core
Instructional Coach
Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and School Support
Language Acquisition Branch
Title III
Supplemental Federal funding
Districts must use Title III funds to
implement language instruction
educational programs designed to help
LEP students achieve standards
Why Title III Access to Core Coaches?
Under the NCLB Title III Federal Funding
- English Learners must meet proficiency targets
in both ELA and Math as measured by CST
- LAUSD’s ELs have NOT met the ELA target
since the inception of NCLB (2004)
- The LAUSD Title III Plan calls for the use of
funding to provide direct assistance to schools
AYP Targets and Percentage of Students
Proficient in ELA (AMAO 3)
AYP Targets and Percentage of Students
Proficient in Mathematics (AMAO 3)
What is the role of the Title III Coach?
Assist schools to improve the achievement of
ELs in the content areas.
Utilize EL student data to target a grade level
to collaborate in planning for instruction.
Provide direct classroom support to teachers
in identified grade level focusing on ELA and
Math instruction to maximize accessibility to
the content for ELs.
Where are the coaches assign?
PI 5+ elementary, middle and high schools
throughout the district
Elementary: 67 coaches
Middle School: 57 coaches
High School: 23 coaches
How were the coaches selected?
 Under the auspices of the Language
Acquisition Branch, coaches were
interviewed and selected by a panel
comprised of Central, Local District and
UTLA representatives.
 Local District personnel assigned coaches to
school sites.
Who is your coach?
Twelve years of teaching experience
Taught ELA / ESL grades 6-8
7th grade Team Leader for the last three
BTSA support provider
ELA/ ESL Department co-chair
Winner of a $10.000 Talent Sharing Initiative
Moving Ahead
Looking forward
a great year together!

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