Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
AMAOs are achievement objectives for English learners that corporations
must meet that receive Title III funds. The AMAOs are split into three
sections and each section must be met for the corporations to meet the
annual AMAOs. The AMAOS are based on LAS Links and ISTEP.
Part 1 – Making Progress
Percent of Limited English Proficient K-12
whose performance increased 12 or more
scale points from their most recent prior
test to the Spring 2011 LAS Links.
State Target – 47%
State Performance – 64%
MSDWT – 74%
Did MSDWT make this AMAO? Yes.
Part 2 - Attainment
Percent of LEP students who attained a Level 1-4 of
English language proficiency on a prior LAS Links
test and increased to an overall/composite Level 5,
Fluent English Proficient, and at least a Level 4 in
each language domain (listening, speaking,
reading, and writing) in Spring 2011 LAS Links.
State Target – 12%
State Performance – 13%
MSDWT Performance – 8%
Did MSDWT make this AMAO? No.
Part 3 – Adequate Yearly Progress
School corporations receive an affirmative Spring
2011 AYP determination based on meeting the
States 2011 performance and participation
targets for both ELA and Math.
Did MSDWT meet AYP for the LEP subgroup? Yes.
Did MSDWT make this AMAO? Yes.
What does this mean?
MSDWT did not make AMAOs for the
2010-2011 school year because it did
not have enough of levels 1-4 moving
to level 5 with at least a 4 in all
What can you do?
Level 4 students still need English language development.
These students may seem to be fluent due to their
proficiency in speaking and their basic interpersonal speaking
skills, but these students still need development in Listening,
Reading, and Writing.
 Provide all modifications and accommodations as required on
the Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
 Engage students in all domains of language
 Frequently check for understanding
 Provide consistent and meaningful feedback on language
 Teach, focus, and reinforce academic vocabulary
 Use Sheltered Instruction Observational Protocol (SIOP)
Utilize the ELP Standards
These standards provide a link between the Indiana academic
standards and the English learners.
They describe what LEP students know and can do at each
proficiency level.
Apply to all contents.
Drive lesson planning to incorporate activities in all domains of
Should be used by all teachers to inform instruction so EL
students are able to access the core curriculum.
Use these standards when co-planning with your EL teacher
ELP Standard Example
Standard 4 - Writing
Beginner (Level 1)
 ELP 3.4.1 Write simple words, phrases, or sentences with assistance.
Early Intermediate (Level 2)
 ELP 3.4.4 Follow an outline provided by the teacher to write a brief
paragraph of two to three sentences.
Intermediate (Level 3)
 ELP 3.4.8 Develop a main idea with some supporting details on given
topic and express with simple spoken and written sentences.
Advanced (Level 4)
 ELP 3.4.13 Identify a clear purpose and supporting details and
express in a paragraph.
ELP Standards
Standards can be found in PDF and Word format on the
IDOE website as well as the MSDWT website.

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