Keith Haas
It is in the center of the SoHo neighborhood.
Recently there was a gallery for The Rolling Stones
featured their for a brief period.
About 200 people could fit inside the gallery.
It is located on 498 Broome St. New York, NY.
You can call the gallery at (212) 682 – 4966.
It is open from Tuesday through Sunday from
10am to 6pm.
George Condo is a
contemporary artist who is
being featured at the
Broome Street Gallery.
Condo was born in 1957 in
Concord, New Hampshire.
He has been involved in
the art world for about 30
Paintings, drawings,
sculptures, prinmaking.
StudiedArt History and Music Theory at
UMASS in Lowell.
Was part of punk bands called The Girls (with
abstract painter Mark Dagley) and Hi Sheriffs
of Blue.
Philosopher Felix Guattari
wrote “there is then a very
specific ‘Condo effect’ which
separates you from all the
painters you seem to
reinterpret. You sacrifice
everything to this effect,
particularly pictorial
structure, which you
systematically destroy, thus
removing a protective
guardrail, a from of reference
which might reassure the
viewer, who is denied access
to a stable set of meanings”
It has featured artists such as Alexander
Barton, Cameron McCool, and Kaitlyn Stubbs.
Is also a cafe with breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Also has a bar (if you’re old enough to drink,
Live music
7:30am- 12am/2am
Was born in New Jersey in 1982.
 He attended the Rhode Island School of Design
where he received his BFA.
 The majority of his
work was done in
Rhode Island and New
York City.
Paint, tar, swine blood, collage
Barton says that he skateboarded as a child
Alex does much work on “the perversion of
cultural debris” and obstructions to the body. A
lot of his pieces serve as a satire towards humans.
He also creates more abstract work of animals.
“Today I live on candy and curse words.” –A.B.
“Art raises questions and arms people. It
trickles academics and encourages fellow
awkward warriors.” –A.B.
George Condo info and image
 George Condo’s work
Alexander Barton info and images

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