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Lim Sei Kee @ cK
Volunteers @ Mainz Central
1. What role do the various voluntary organizations
play in making the carnival a success?
2. What is the function of the carnival secretariat?
3. How does the existence of carnival clubs improve the
standard of the carnival and the range of activities
being put on?
Voluntary organization provide marchers in
the procession, floats, displays and tableaux,
and ensure that the carnival is loud and
The carnival secretariat co-ordinates the
efforts of official bodies, professional
organizations and the many volunteer carnival
The carnival and the range of activities can be
done more efficiently as the carnival clubs have
a vast of experiences.
How to identify how many staff you need?
What type?
Based on experience, either of previous events
or of members of the committee.
Various factors will affect the number of staff
each department needs to run the event.
(A) The size of the event, numbers
attending, likely demand
 (B) The balance between types of staff: paid,
full time, part time, casual, volunteer
 (C) The layout and components of the event
 (D) The demand patterns and scheduling of
staff, number of staff per activity
 (E) The expertise required for the event
How big is the event going to be?
Can you put it on with a few friends and
relatives, or will it need thousands?
Is your event limited by the capacity of your
There are variations between what the staff
can achieve: given their expertise, ability,
knowledge and experience.
You will normally have a range of choices
 Full time
 Part time
 Volunteer
 Agency / casual staff.
1) 1 full-time staff
 2) 1 full-time staff as supervisor and trainer,
and employ 6 volunteers
 3) 6 half-time staff
 4) A range of part-time, agency, casual or
volunteer staff in various roles
It might be possible to concentrate all the
services and activities on one central
These ‘service cores’ tend to be centralized,
so that fewer staff can operate and
supervize a larger number of activities.
The wider the area that has to be covered,
the more the staff who may be needed.
In general, the more going on, and the wider
the range of services, facilities or
components of an event, the larger the
number of staff needed.
Demand is a baseline determinant of staffing
At any event, there will be a fixed level of staff
below which it is not possible to fall.
As demand increases, so too will staffing.
For this, it is essential to be aware of when the
event is going to be busy and when it is not.
The control of the cost of staffing is also a
major concern.
Cost control is as much dependent on
effective forecasts of demand and careful
rostering as it is on the sheer number of
What kind of expertise is available for the
planned event?
The labour pool must considered carefully:
 what staff are available,
 what are they capable of,
 what is their expertise,
 what things might need to be done for
which either training is needed?
Food is one example of the problem of
Staffing is an issue of identifying what
expertise exists as having large numbers of
people to do things
 Recruiting
paid staff
 Recruiting
 Recruiting
permanent staff
Recruitment: Advertising in newspapers,
events trade magazines, hospitality
magazines, employment and staffing
agencies, Internet
Quality: Experienced and flexible.
Recruitment: Done informally, asking
around friends, colleagues, acquaintances
and relatives
Sources: Job / hobby group, Voluntary
bodies, by networking (word of mouth), or
by organizing recruitment drives.
Two methods:
 Employment of staff with a good basic
education to be trained by the organization
 Employment of staff with an appropriate
vocational and educational background
Events management has to be effective, and
event managers must be good
communicators and good delegators in
situations that may be constantly changing.
Important NOTE:
 Drink enough so you don’t dehydrate
 Eat enough to keep your blood sugar levels
 Wear the most comfortable pair of shoes
In running an event on the day, you cannot
handle everything yourself, and will have a
number of helpers.
Your event needs to have a structure of
organization, in effect a chain of command.
Briefing session would normally need to
cover a number of key issues
Responsibilities for health and safety of
visitors and participants
 A tour of the layout of the site
 Issues in crowd management
 How to direct and help the public,
audience or participants
 The mechanism for communication
between stewards and managers
It is vital to be aware of the factors that have
led to the problem and to be able to take the
correct action.
A good decision is dependent on the
recognition of the right problem.
Work steadily through the event,
 take breaks when you can,
 sit down when you can and take drinks
when you can.
It is important to pace yourself!!

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