108 Nail art application

108 Nails and Nail art
Connect activity
• Connect from previous session
• Nail shapes
• Draw on the wipe board 4 nail
Aims and outcomes
Aim is to introduce the learner to nail art, engaging the
interest through experimental learning of selected basic nail
art products and techniques.
The learners will be able to prepare a nail art technique and
to carry out nail art techniques
Prepare for a nail technique
Before you begin the nail art service, its important
to be prepared. Health and safety requirements
should be carried out for every treatment, but
knowing how to set up your treatment area and
carrying out a proper consultation are also musts
for nail art services. There are many different
products available for nail art.
Safe and hygienic working
• Keep your treatment area tidy
• Sterilise tools and equipment this will
help reduce cross infections.
• Carry out a full consultation
Salon Environment
It is important to be prepared before a professional
All products tool and equipment should be placed neatly
and safely on the trolley.
The clients chair should be at the correct height.
Adjustable chairs are the best.
Room temperature should not be too hot or to cold
The room should be well ventilated
Lighting should be adequate
Basic tools and equipment
Cotton buds
Treatment plan
Waste bin
Couch roll
Nail table
Disposable file
Orange stick
Artificial nails
Blu tack
Foil adhesive
Base coat
Top coat
Activity 1
• Research and answer the following questions.
• Why is it important to make sure that there is
suitable lighting in the nail art treatment area?
• What is the ideal temperature for a salon?
• What would happen if the treatment room was not
well ventilated?
• What might happen if the tools and equipment that
you ere using were not clean and hygenic?
Activity 2
• Using the text books create a table
showing all of the tools and equipment
needed for a nail art treatment
Tools and
What is it used for? How is it used?
Recall and Review
• Discuss your findings from activity 1
• Have you completed your chart?

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