NBES Winter2015 flyer - North Bend Elementary PTA

Design with Tech: 3D Design & Printing
Mondays 3:30-4:45
Jan 26-March 23
Grades 3-5
$176, checks Payable to NBE PTA
Smart with Art-Color My World
Tuesday 3:30-4:45
Jan 27-March 24
Grades K-5
$156, checks Payable to NBE PTA
Learn new and exciting techniques like 3D printing
and modeling in this innovative art infused
technology class! Students will explore creating and
designing in 3D, utilizing the online platform,
Explore what makes our environments beautiful,
“COLOR”, and how to use it in a range of art
forms! Mix tempera paints and develop a color wheel
- using it to create interest in compositions. Learn
about color values while creating a monochromatic
portrait inspired by Picasso's blue period. Discover
modern Pop Art, as we create a multicolor,
Warholesque printmaking rendition, focused on color
block repetition. Examine the art of Africa as we
collage a woven Kente cloth with a patterned
paper. Blend various colors with oil pastels while
reviewing the work of Jim Dine who uses shape and
color to enliven his creations; how will yours look? Use
warm colors to create rich sunflowers inspired by the
works of Van Gogh, and more! Join us on this vivid
journey of colorful fun and, as always, “Dress for
Smart with Art educators will teach students to
work with architectural design elements, learn
about creating art in perspective, and explore
practical applications of 3D technology. Additionally,
there are art-related extension activities included
with each step of the design process. Students will
be able to create a personalized 3D model, send it
to be “3D Printed”, and take home at the end of
class. Join us on this 3D adventure where art and
technology collide!
Wednesday 3:30-4:15
Jan 28-March 25
Grades 2-5
$120, checks payable to NBE PTA
Students will learn the fundamentals of guitar
playing, including chords, notes and how to
read guitar tablature. We play songs in
different guitar styles, including rock, pop, folk,
country and blues. Guitars are provided during
class time, but students are encouraged to
bring their own for tuning and practice at
Pickle-ball with Ms. Stahl and Ms. Jones
Thursday 3:30-4:30
Jan 29-March 26
Grades 2-5
$80, checks payable to NBE PTA
A class where students will be able to learn and enhance
their skills of striking with a short handled paddle. This class
is for all skill levels and will have the proper extensions or
refinements for all students to help increase their skill level.
Pickle-ball is a fun game for all ages which can be carried on
for a lifetime. It is played on a court with a short handled
paddle with a low level net. Pickle-ball is a cross between
badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. This class is going to be
bundles of fun!
Monday 3:30-4:30
Jan 26-March 23
Grades 1-5
$125, checks payable to NBE PTA
LEAP4KIDZ™ offers project-based
STEM programs designed to teach
principles and methods of science,
technology, engineering and math
to children . This is a hands-on class
where students will build and
design with LEGO® bricks. Student
Builders will develop problem
solving and critical thinking skills
while exploring science, technology,
engineering and math concepts.
Algebra with Mr. Flanagan
7:45-8:45 am
Jan 27-March 6
Grade 5 or with Mr. Flanagan’s
$70, checks payable to NBE PTA
Advanced Math: Food for the
Brain. Designed for 5th graders
who want more exposure to
Algebra. This six week class
meets twice a week, BEFORE
SCHOOL. You can choose one day
to be Tuesday or Wednesday and
the other day to be Thursday or
Friday. This is to accommodate
those in band or jump rope.
North Bend Elementary School After School Programs from Your PTA
Winter 2015
Chess 4 Life
Fridays 1:30-2:30
Jan 30-March 27
Grades K-5
$114, checks payable to NBE PTA
*price includes T-shirt
Dodge Ball
Thursday 3:30-4:30
Jan 29-March 26
Grades 2-5
$65, checks payable to NBE PTA
Chess teaches sportsmanship, good decision making,
patience, planning and learning from mistakes. Chess has
also been shown to improve critical thinking skills, math
competency, English skills, concentration and spatial
Dodgeball games! Standard Dodgeball, Medic Dodgeball,
Bowling Pin Dodgeball and Body Part Dodgeball are the
favorites in our current classes! Before each class we go over
the rules: 1. Respect 2. You are in charge of you 3. No head
shots 4. Have fun!
Solving the Rubik’s Cube with Mr. Fladland
Wednesdays 3:30-4:30
Jan 28-March 25
Grades 3-5
$60, checks payable to NBE PTA
Rockin’ It: Rock Climbing is Great for Kids with Mrs. Melgaard
Tuesdays 3:30-4:15
Jan 27-March 24
Grades 2-5
$80, checks payable to NBE PTA
Holding the Rubik's Cube, twisting and
turning the parts, can help children of all
ages grasp important math concepts
including area, perimeter, volume, angles,
algorithms and enumeration, among many
other geometry and algebraic topics. The
Rubik's Cube can also teach life lessons and
21st century skills such as focus, following
directions, memorization, sequencing,
problem solving, critical thinking, and
perseverance. Lessons also reinforce STEM
concepts using the Rubik's Cube.
Climbing increases endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. It is a social activity yet highly
personal as it builds confidence within and connections with others. “Rockin’ It” will focus on
building skill and strength while playing on NBE’s rock wall. Students will set goals, play games
and gain rewards in this afterschool program.
Paper Crafting
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30
Jan 27-March 24
Grades 3-5
$85, checks payable to NBE PTA
A hands on class where students will learn different techniques to make projects,
cards and gifts. They will enhance their fine motor skills as well as their ability to
follow verbal and visual directions. All this while being creative and having fun.

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