GCSE Fine Art Exam2013 - Droitwich Spa High School

GCSE Fine Art Exam2013
Question 7 Movement
The question
You should make connections with appropriate
sources when developing your personal
response to one of the following suggestions.
a) Develop your own interpretation of the
starting point movement.
b)You could explore the movement of animals or
c) You could create work which actually moves
Unpacking the question
• Making connections with appropriate sources
= artists.
• Only do a) or b) you have no experience of c)
and you would not be able to demonstrate
what you have learnt so far.
Those who enjoy sport/dance
Those who like machines
Those who want to draw animals or people
Those who want to focus on movement in
nature- storms, sea, volcanoes etc
Possible Artists – The Futurists
• It was an Italian movement which spread quickly
throughout Europe including Russia
• The poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (18761944) ‘invented it’ in 1908 with a Manifesto
• Most influential artists Umberto Boccioni (18821916), Luigi Russolo (1885-1947) and Carlo
Carra (1881-1966), Giacomo Balla (1871-1958)
and Gino Severini (1883-1965)
Futurist ideas
• Celebrated the new
technology – car,
machinery and science,
and war as a means of
changing the old order
• Idea that new
technologies overturned
what had gone before
and there needed to be
new, bolder art forms
Futurist ideas
• Emphasis on
movement and the
dynamic - Idea of
everything moving
and images
appearing and
disappearing on the
retina and capturing
that – action passing
through the centre of
a painting
• Painting influenced by
the ideas of colour
• Also influenced by
Cubism and Picasso
and the idea of
dividing up shapes to
show different
viewpoints and
Duchamp – Nude descending a
• Although Duchamp was not
part of the movement his
painting showing the
movement of a man
walking down the stairs
was influential.
Photography had made it
possible to identify each
stage of a movement.
• You could use photography
well in this project
Balla – Street Light 1909
New inventions in science
were important to the
-they celebrated scientific
developments – from the
electric light to the plane.
Balla – Abstract speed the car has
Boccioni – Cyclist – Football player
Severini Armoured car in action
Severini The Dancer
Giacomo Balla
• Young Girl Running
on a Balcony 1912
Other possible artist Henri Matisse
Falling figure Icarus
Using collage, colour and shape
The Fall of Icarus
Danseuse Creole. Colour
lithograph after a paper cut-out and
gouache, 1950.
Skater in Motion - linocut
Two dancers - study
The swimming pool
Roald Bradstock – contemporary
Bill Jacklin RA contemporary British
Concerned with light and movement
Maggie Hambling – Contemporary
British – sea pictures
Useful sites
• Bill Jacklin RA contemporary British
• http://www.fitnessartworks.com
• www.maggihambling.com
William Turner’s Clouds –
movement in weather
Movement in music
Movement in nature
Creating your own light images
What to do this week
1.Decide on what aspect of movement you want to
2. Select an artist who also focuses on this sort of
movement (the artist could be one you choose but
check with me first)
3. create a pastiche of your favourite piece by that
4. Analyse their work using a prompt sheet
5. Print out pictures of their work and creatively
display with your pastiche, analysis on an A2 sheet

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