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Duncan Chappell & Jennifer Higgins
Glasgow School of Art
Tori Drost (2011) ‘Faux natural history: bathtub
moose 2', plasticine, 33 x 18.5x 14.5cm
Cobbledick, S. (1996)
‘The information-seeking behaviour of artists: exploratory interviews’,
Library Quarterly, 66(4), pp.343-372.
Cowan, S. and Branigan, T. (2004)
‘Informing visual poetry: information needs and sources of artists’,
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academic libraries for their creative needs’,
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“I showed it to a group of Year 3 Fine Art students
a couple of weeks ago and we went through a bit
of the multiple choice part regarding correct ways
to reference. You'd be amazed at how many times
they guessed wrongly and I think they were too.
They loved it though and it worked very well in a
group situation because it's fun and they enjoyed
shouting out 'send her to jail!'”
Sarah Smith, Lecturer in Forum of Critical Inquiry,
Glasgow School of Art
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