`Introduction to Artsmark` staff meeting presentation

We have been invited to apply for Artsmark by
Artswork and have been given funding to support
us in doing so.
We have been asked to set up an online blog on
our school website which will chart our journey.
Artsmark is Arts Council England’s
flagship programme to enable schools
and other organisations to evaluate,
strengthen and celebrate their arts and
cultural provision
It requires schools to complete an application form in which Arts
provision is audited and evaluated. A moderation visit then takes
place to assess the application.
Artsmark is a chance for schools to celebrate all the
good practice in arts provision which takes place. It
places value on both curriculum and enrichment
based activities.
At KS1 and 2 12% of school provision over the course of a year, is dedicated to the arts.
No less than 2% should be spent on THREE of the four key art forms and no less than 1.5% in
the other one.
In addition to the minimum benchmarks for the four key art forms, the 12% can also include other
art forms such as film or digital media and creative writing including poetry.
A wide range of arts within the curriculum count including cross curricular aspects or rehearsals
for performances.
At our school, each day consists of approximately 5 hours curriculum time, making a
total of 25 hours per week.
12% of 25 hours is 3 hours.
From this 3 hours approximately half an hour per week should be spent on each of
the four key areas. It does not have to be every week. This includes singing
assemblies, class assembly practice, Christmas production practice, cross curricular
lessons, educational visits
which enhance the curriculum etc. The rest of
The time could be made up of other creative tasks.
Artsmark also celebrates all the additional enrichment opportunities which take place
in the school including clubs and PTFA events such as the talent show.
• It is expected that for Year 2 the school will offer at least 1 extra curricular activity
(related to the arts) of 6 weeks which involves 15% of the year group (9 children).
• In KS2 this increases to 3 different activities in at
least two different art forms per year group,
involving 20% of the year group (12 children) in each.
Artsmark also asks schools to look at:
Opportunities for children to work with arts organisations (theatre trips,
drama workshops, gallery visits, dance workshops).
Cross curricular arts links
Developing cultural awareness through the arts.
Arts Award can be achieved at 5 Levels. Our children would be able
to achieve DISCOVER and EXPLORE levels. The Explore level is
accredited by Trinity College. Children discover the arts around them,
find out about artists and their work and share their experiences with
others, gaining a certificate at the end. We have two arts award
trainers in school.
Teaching staff will need to
complete the audit form,
outlining arts provision in
your year group.
Please can years 4, 5 and
6 select an Arts
Ambassador from their
class. This should be
someone who shows an
all round interest in the
Please fill in on the
timetable in the staff room
any arts activities which
are taking place in class
that you would like to
Setting up an Artsmark
group. Staff who will get
together to discuss each
section of the Artsmark

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