Controversial religious art

1. Decide which religion the art work might
offend and why.
2. Do you believe the art work is blasphemous?
3. Should the art work be censored?
4. “Censorship goes against freedom of
speech”. Do you agree?
Madonna, Like A Prayer
Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” was first heard in a Pepsi advert. When the
video was released religious groups worldwide protested against the
video, which they deemed contained blasphemous use of Christian
They called for the national boycott of Pepsi and PepsiCo's subsidiares, including
their fast food chains Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Pepsi had
decided initially to continue airing their commercial; however, they were taken
aback by the protests. They explained the differences between their
advertising methods and Madonna's artistic opinions in the video. Ultimately,
Pepsi caved in to the protests, and cancelled the advertising campaign.
In the meantime, the Pope involved himself in the matter and banned any
appearance of Madonna in Italy. Protests from a small Catholic organization in
the country prompted Italian state television network RAI and Madonna's
Italian record company WEA to not air the video there.
Lady Gaga, Judas.
• Bill Donahue, president of The Catholic League
for Religious and Civil Rights:"This is a stunt...
Lady Gaga tries to continue to shock Catholics
and Christians in general: she dresses as a nun...
she swallows the rosary. She has now morphed
into a caricature of herself.”
• "She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore
up her talentless, mundane and boring
performances. Another ex-Catholic whose head is
turned around... Is this the only way to jet up her
Andres Serrano – “Piss Christ”
1987 photo of a plastic crucifix
immersed in urine.
Received death threats, hate
April 2011 damaged beyond
repair while on display in a
museum by Christian activists.
Banksy –
Silent Night
Hello Kitty Nativity
Scene – Tom Sachs
On display in
department store
at Christmas 1994.
Protests, death
threats and hate
mail ensued.
Barneys removed
the piece.
Oreet Ashery – Self
Portrait as Marcus
Katarzyna Kozyra – Blood
This image, along with
others were displayed on
billboards on the streets
of Poland.
They were later
Renee Cox – Yo Mama’s Last Supper.
Annie Sprinkle, Armed
Porn Star, turned
performance artist Annie
Sprinkle references the
Hindu goddess of
destruction, Kali.

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