40 SL Tips in 60 Minutes

In Microsoft Dynamics® SL 2011, users can link Accounts
Payable (AP) and purchase order (PO) documents
Use Link AP and PO Documents
(03.560.00) to make a connection
between a purchase order, receipt,
or return transaction generated in
the Purchasing module and a
released Accounts Payable voucher
or debit adjustment transaction
In Microsoft Dynamics SL
2011 users can:
Reverse and Correct
Copy batches
Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 – Hard Close
Feature Pack 1 (FP1) – Hard Close restrictions by module
In Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1, users can set up Batch
Control reports to print by module
Delete suspended batches from Accounts Receivable (AR) and AP
”Pay when paid” terms
How can I make sure my vendors aren’t paid for services before my customer
has paid me? Or my salespeople aren’t paid for commissions before I’m paid?
”Pay when paid” terms
How can I make sure my vendors aren’t paid for services before my customer
has paid me? Or my salespeople aren’t paid for commissions before I’m paid?
New screens to link or unlink an AP Voucher to an unpaid AR invoice
Access in AP Voucher and Adjustment Entry or AP Document
Export to Microsoft Excel® feature from data screens like
Voucher and Adjustment
What is the Current OM Period!?
The more recent period between Inventory and AR
Choose your invoicing method for project-related
Goods for Project Sales Order Purchase for Type
Goods for Project Sales Order Purchase for Type
Goods for Project Sales Order Purchase for Type
Notice a Void Status AR or Inventory (IN)
Batch from OM?
Re-run the Sales Journal report
Specify Sales Journal ID on the Options tab
What's the difference between changing the Project Controller
period in Project Controller Setup and running the Close Period
I ran Project Allocator and got a message "No Allocation Records created."
The period in the related module (AP, AR, IN) is not the same period
number that is in Project Controller
Quick Send tip
Automated faxing and emailing
Setup specific to each vendor, customer, or employee
Customer documents
Invoices from AR, flexible billings, service, construction billing, and OM
AR statements
Order Management order confirmations
Manual order confirmations
Shipping notices
Vendor documents
Purchase orders
Payroll direct deposit advice slip stubs
Uses Application Server*
Quick Send
How to easily resend a copy of an invoice, purchase
order, or OM shipping document?
Quick Send Inquiry – accessible through:
AR Invoice and Memo
AP Voucher and Adjustment Entry
AR and AP Document Maintenance
Shared Information menu
Use filters to search on refnbr, customer ID, purchase order number, etc.
Check box and click Begin Processing to resend
Or just click Quick Send button to resend
Quick Send tip
Quick Send
• You can use variables within the Subject Text or
Body Text to personalize the message
<Customer Name>
<Reference Number>
<Document Amount>
<Company Name>
<Order Number>
<Shipper ID>
<Shipper Date>
<Statement Date>
Add [Report-{scrnnbr}] to Solomon.ini
Add [Miscellaneous] to Solomon.ini
Report Assistants
Report Assistants are manuals intended to help
with custom reporting – both in creating new
reports and modifying existing reports
Available for download
Report Assistants
Reporting tip - Doc Share
A customer, vendor, or project-specific Microsoft
SharePoint® site can be created with one click from
the maintenance screen.
Invoices, statements, purchase orders, etc.
Can be automatically published for centralized
document retention and access
Reporting Tip – Upload to SharePoint
Print any report to a SharePoint destination
Import/Export custom menus
KnowledgeBase #897393
• How to add a company logo to display when
you log in to various companies
Save your logo as CPNYID.bmp (i.e. 0060.bmp)
Must be saved as .bmp – no other type will work
The dimensions of the logo cannot exceed 192 pixels
x 40 pixels
• Add this file to your Microsoft Dynamics SL root
Edit in grid view or enter an absolute/relative formula
in a date or period field
F3: Look up possible values for a field or date
F4: Switch between form and grid view
F5: Clears the value in a field
Enter and display notes
F10: Puts focus on main
Quick Send
• We are using Quick Send but sometimes need to
print a physical copy of the invoice. How can I do
• Quick Print the invoice in AR Invoice and Memo
• Quick Send Inquiry
In Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 ALL MODULES group can be
removed from the users menu
Can’t delete Event Log records ?
Manually remove them from the PStatus table in SQL.
Delete * from pstatus
Also, delete them manually from the event log folder.
Attachment tip
Attach multiple documents to specific entities
Recall and review documents from Microsoft Dynamics SL screen
Store documents in a Microsoft SharePoint site or network location
Allows offloading and scheduling of CPU-intensive
tasks to other machines on your network
Application server tip
Application server tip
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