sec 3 - wilsonworldhistory1213

Chapter 20 Unit 3
Jordyn Brown, Karen Tran, Naja
Watkins, Kelli Omerbashi, Josh Soleim,
Bryant Carter, Wesley Cook, Ethan
Robison, Lane Wiliams & Sarah Fiori
• Who-spanish born people
• What- Members of the highest social class,
European descent born in Spain
• Where- Latin America
• When- Late 1700s
• Why- Dominated Latin American political and
social life, only they could hold top jobs in
government and the church
• Who: European-descended Latin-Americans
• What: Born in Latin America, below the
Peninsulares; Owned haciendas & mines
• Where: Latin America
• When: 1700’s
• Why: bitterly resented their 2nd class status;
started the Revolutions of Latin America
• Who: Native American and European
descended people
• What: person with Native American parent &
European parent
• Where: Latin America
• When:1700s
• why: were angry at being denied the same
status, wealth and power as the Peninsulares,
and the whites; suffered economic misery
under the Spanish Peninsulares = they
revolted too
• Who: People of African & American descent
• What: 1 African parent, 1 European; same
social status as Mestizo
• Where: Latin America
• When: 1700’s
• Why: angry because they were being denied
status, wealth and power available to whites;
suffered economic misery under Spanish
Peninsulares = revolution
Simon Bolivar
• Who: Young Creole, “The Liberator”
• What: led an uprising in Venezuela against
Spanish rule
• Where: South America
• When: early 1800’s
• Why: traveled in Europe & was inspired by
revolutionary ideas = returned to Venezuela,
revolted & pushed out the Spanish = est. a
Republic; encouraged other S. Am countries to
Toussaint L’Ouverture
Who: self-educated former Slave
What: Brilliant general & Inspiring Commander
that led the Haitian Revolution
Where: Haiti
When: 1798-1820
Why: created a force of former slaves &
Mulattoes against French control = yellow fever
& slave forces beat the French = slavery was
abolished, Toussaint controlled the island = Haiti
became a republic
Father Miguel Hidalgo
• Who: Creole Priest
• What: gave a speech “The Cry of Dolores” calling
the Mexicans to fight for Independence
• Where: Latin America
• When: 1810
• Why: he led mestizos & Native Am’s to fight for
Mexican Independence- fought agnst slavery &
better conditions for Native Ams = rebels faced
opposition, was captured and executed.
Father Jose Morelos
• Who: Mestizo priest
• What: called for wide-ranging social & political
reform & led rebels in Mexico
• When: 1811-1815
• WherE: Mexico
• Why: he wanted better conditions for most
Mexicans, abolish slavery, and give vote to all
men = led rebel forces agnst Spanish in
Mexico = captured & shot
Jose de San Martin
• Who: Creole, Argentine General/first president of
• What: general, leader of the southern part of the
South American army; joined Bolivar to liberate
Argentina, Chile, & Peru
• When:1821-1850
• Where: South America
• Why: helped Argentina, Chile, & Peru win
independence from Spain; helped found the
freedom of Peru, founded the Republic,
protector of Peru
Dom Pedro
• Who: Brazilian Prince
• What: defeated the Brazilian Revolution, made
himself King of Brazil
• Where: Brazil
• When: 1822-1889
• Why: Revolution brought new leaders to Brazil &
planned to abolish reforms, demanded he return
to Portugal = refused to leave, eventually brought
Brazil out of turmoil and made it a Republic.

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