Safety Powerpoint

Mustang Roundup
Round Up focus this week will
Safety in and around Avondale
Middle School.
Lets take a look at how our core values tie into being
safe at AMS.
Can anyone remember our core values?
(have a brief discussion of what MANIA stands for at AMS)
Please Review MANIA
Maintain Respect
Always do your Best
Need to be Responsible
In and Around
Avondale Middle School!
Complete Interview with Mania in Mind
60 second interviews
Use the interview sheet and pair students up by
having them count off
(if you have 20, then count to 10 two times. )
Ask each pair to choose one question that interests
both of them.
Have them interview each other and jot down their
partner’s name and something they want to
remember that their partner said about safety.
Give pairs 60 seconds and then have them each find
a new partner. Do this a few times. Afterwards,
ask each student to say one new thing that they
learned about their advisory team members ideas
about safety in and around Avondale Middle
School safety
During your classroom interviews
did anything surprise you about
safety in and around Avondale
Middle School?
What can we do as individuals to
keep our school safe?
What are the specific places students
need to be most safe at AMS?
On a small sheet of paper/notecard,
write down two things you will
promise to do this week to improve
safety here at AMS.
Fold your note to yourself. Staple or
tape your note shut.
Write your name on the outside of the
You will be receiving this note back at
the end of the week to see if you
followed through!
Time Permitting Bonus Work:
Public Service Announcement:
Your teacher will assign you a partner.
You have been given the learning task to
create a 1 minute public service
commercial for safety in and around
Avondale Middle School.
Pick a place that you identified students
need to be safe at.
With your partner write a PSA (mini
Highlight the seriousness of safety at AMS.
Be ready to share your commercial
Day 2
Safety In and Around
Avondale Middle School
School safety
Think back to when you interviewed
Round Up members yesterday.
Did anything surprise you about
safety in and around Avondale
Middle School?
What can we do as individuals to
keep our school safe?
Can someone please share that did
not get a chance yesterday?
Chalk Talk
Each group is assigned a place where students need to be safe
around and in Avondale Middle School. Your group will
need to write your assigned place on a large piece of paper.
Standard Classroom
Science Classroom
Gym Class
At each station you will write as much as you can about
examples and situations for safety. Focus on why and how
to be safe there.
You may not write anything inappropriate. You may not share
real names. You may write and comment appropriately on
each other’s comments at each station. You will have 3
minutes per station then move as a group.
Chalk Talk Presentation
When you return to your CHALK TALK initial station
review what has been written by the class on the large
After reading over your assigned CHALK TALK your
group will present:
1) Describe how our Round Up class views safety in the
area assigned.
2) Explain any issues or examples AMS students have
with safety in this area.
3) Offer solutions to make this a safer place.
Be ready to present in 4-5 minutes.
Time Permitting Bonus Work:
PSA: Public Service
Get with your PSA partner from yesterday.
Make sure your commercial or PSA for
safety at AMS is ready to present.
Perform your commercial in front of the
Be ready for feedback from the audience on
what went right with your PSA and how
you could improve.
Being a SAFE student in and
around Avondale Middle School
creates a strong community

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