Sustainability for Small Businesses

Sustainability for Small Business
February 4, 2015
National 8(a) Association Winter Conference
Orlando, FL
Safety Share (Zero Harm)
Meet the Team
Susie Westrup
Corporate Sustainability Manager
Layli Pietri
Small Business Manager
 Sustainability and the Marketplace
 Green Building Practices
 Balfour Beatty Construction’s (BBC) Approach to Sustainability
 Benefits for your Business
 What Large General Contractors are Seeking
 Next Steps
Sustainability Share
 Sustainability Defined:
- The capacity to endure (Business)
- Meeting the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of
future generations to meet their own
needs (Personal)
Small Business – Taking Us to the Next Level
 Engine of our economy
 28 million small businesses in U.S.
 Employ 60 million Americans
(half of the private sector workforce)
Corporate America
 Fortune 500
Chief Supplier Diversity Officer
Supplier Diversity Programs
 Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
 Drivers
Continuous innovations
Increased sales and market share
Why Sustainability?
 U.S. population = 5% of world’s population.
 U.S. uses 40% of world’s resources.
If everyone on earth lived like the average American,
we’d need at least 5 planets!
Federal Government
 President Obama 2009 - Executive Order 13514
- 2015 - Achieve 50% recycling and waste diversion
- 2020 -Improve water efficiency 26%
- Meet sustainability requirements across 95% of all applicable contracts.
- 2030 - Implement net-zero-energy building requirement
- 2020 - reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 30% by 2020.
- Long-term goal of zero environmental footprint
 Corporate Sustainability rankings:
Global 100: Most Sustainable Corporations in the World
(Annual Project by Corporate Knights)
Newsweek – Green Company Rankings
 Chief Sustainability Officers exist alongside COOs and CFOs
E.g. Heinz; Lucent Technologies; Chevron
 Dow Jones - Sustainability Index
 Benefit Corporation – B-Corp
Corporate structure obligates “triple bottom line”
 Walmart, Bank of America, Google, Ford Motor Company
Over 80% of the Global 500 report to CDP
Climate Change
Supply Chain
Supplier Sustainability Scorecard
Sustainable Procurement Policies
Supply chain engagement and reporting requests
Green Building
 Also known as sustainable or highperformance building
 Refers to a structure and using
process that is environmentally/
socially responsible and resourceefficient throughout a building's
 Requires close cooperation of all
team members: design team,
general contractor, engineers,
and client
 Occurs throughout the life-cycle
of the project (every stage)
Green Building
 According to the U.S. Green Building Council,
total revenue across the industry should grow
to $245 billion by 2016.
 Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design (LEED)
Living Building Challenge
Balfour Beatty’s Approach to Sustainability
 Client service program
 Charitable fundraising
 Projects to Program - (schedule compliance)
 Projects to Bid Margin (profit margin)
 Overhead
 Ethics and compliance
 Profit
 Margin in the order book
 Client satisfaction
 Community engagement
 Supply chain engagement
 Health and safety
 Diversity
 Staff satisfaction
CANstruction Annual Charity Event
 Ecology
 Scope 1 and 2 GHG Emissions
 Waste generated
 Waste to Landfill
 Water
 Responsible sourcing of major materials
 Environmental compliance
 CDP Score
Benefits for your Business
 Affects your bottom-line – saves you money
 Generates new sources of income
 Retains employees and adds new employees
 Improves processes, enhances efficiency, and increases productivity
 Ensures longevity and sustainability in the marketplace
 Niche in the Marketplace- opportunities for innovation
Ways to Save Money!
 Efficiency
 Waste reduction
 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
 Employee engagement
 Innovation
 Energy
 Workers
 Spending
 Ways to engage staff:
- Staff meetings
- Project meetings
- Green team
- Competitions
- Celebrate it!
- Prizes
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
 Total cost of ownership over the life of
an asset
Service Costs
 Also commonly referred to as "cradle to
grave" or "womb to tomb" costs
 Whole-life cost including planning,
design, construction and acquisition,
operations, maintenance, renewal and
rehabilitation, depreciation, and cost of
finance and replacement or disposal
Initial Cost
What Large General Contractors are Seeking in Partners
 Integration/Synergy
 Focus on Quality
 Expertise
 Innovation
Next Steps
 Internal business practices
 Delivery of goods and services
 Sustainability Plan
 Sustainability Scorecard
 Innovation and niche in the marketplace
Contact Information:
Susie Westrup, Corporate Sustainability Manager
[email protected]
(704) 222-0313
Layli Pietri
[email protected]
(703) 218-1338

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