Grade 3 Rocks and Minerals Review

All rocks have the POTENTIAL
to go through the rock cycle!!
The Rock Cycle
Igneous rocks
Once very hot magma
Heat and pressure make the
Igneous Rocks
Form inside the
Earth or outside
The earth crust
Metamorphic Rocks
Rocks that have changed due to intense heat and pressure
Created from sedimentary, igneous or other metamorphic rocks.
They are formed deep inside the earth.
Heat, and pressure from the rock above flatten and bend the rock
Formed deep within
the earth!
Sedimentary Rock
Little pieces of rock, dirt, broken down and worn away by erosion
Wash away down rivers, into lakes and oceans
Layer on layer of these bits of earth are deposited on top of each
other over time
Pressure of more and more “sediments” –bottom layers turn into
Starts on the crust
and compacts and
cements inside the earth
How might these rocks have gotten here?
Look more closely at the Rock Cycle!!
There are properties you can
Test to determine the mineral
These are common “tools” for testing hardness
Mineralogical Society Minerals for Kids
How the mineral reflects light!
What words can describe the luster?
•Very shiny
Cleavage: when a rock or mineral breaks along flat , smooth
Fracture: When a rock or mineral breaks into irregular rough
Cubic cleavage
New York State High School Regents Exam
Streak Test
This is a test where you scratch the mineral against a
This test tells you the color of the mineral
Rock properties make them useful
for different purposes.
Rocks that can be cut into regular
shapes are useful for buildings and
Rocks that crumble easily are
useful for making mixtures such as
concrete and sheetrock.
The Mohs scale for minerals is shown below.
An unknown mineral can be scratched by
topaz, but not by feldspar. According to the
Mohs scale, which of the following best
describes the hardness of the unknown
A. less than 5
B. more than 8
C. less than 8, but more than 6
D. more than 4, but less than 6
Elena found a piece of a mineral while
on a hike. She wants to identify the
mineral she found.
1.Identify two physical properties of minerals.
2.Describe how Elena can test the mineral she found for each of
the physical properties that you identified in part (a).
There are properties you can
Test to determine the mineral

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