School Transition Presentation

Children may move between several
different settings in the course of a day, a
week, a month or a year.
 Children's social, emotional and
educational needs are central to any
transition between one setting and another
or within one setting.
 Some children and their parents will find
transition times stressful while others will
enjoy the experience.
 Effective communication between settings
is key to ensuring that children's needs are
met and there is continuity in their learning.
Source: EYFS Statuary Framework
› Internal transitions for nursery children
› Transition of children from nursery to school
Support and Guide
› Parents
› Practitioners
› Children during the transition process.
Provide a programme of
activities and services to
support the children
and families
Year 1 – September that follows the child’s
3rd birthday
 Year 2 – September that follows the child’s
4th birthday
We are required to complete observations
and assessments for all children who attend
the setting
 When a child is in Year 2 a profile and an
overview of the child’s development with
links to the Early Learning Goals must be
We deliver a programme of activities to support children in
conjunction with the requirements of the EYFS and beyond where
The transition Co-ordinator will visit each school, meet with the
teachers to discuss your child and hand over their Learning Journey
Your child’s teacher will be invited to the nursery to meet your child
in familiar surroundings and to talk with their key person on a one to
The transition Co-ordinator will create an individual book for your
child with photos from their new school. This is kept by the child
In order to achieve the Every Child Matters outcomes for children - being healthy,
staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving
economic well-being - practitioners need to work together across services
Listening to your
Liaise with parents
appropriate timing
of entry to school
and inform them of
the right to defer
entry until statutory
school age.
Form a strong
Network between
Nursery and your
child’s new
Awareness of
children’s emotional
reactions to change
How we
your child
Ensure that
information transfers
to the school ahead
of the arrival of your
Alay children’s fears
by communicating
clear messages
about key aspects
of the transitions
Manage the
change in a timely
Provide activities to
promote self
assurance and
encourage children
to share their
feelings about the
change process.
Reading starting
school stories
This activity shows
the children the
similarities and
between schools
and nursery. This is a
nice time for the
children to talk
together about
starting school.
Taking home books to
share with parents
When the children go to
school they will have
reading books to take
home. To introduce this
to the children we will
be asking the children if
they would like to take
a book home to share
with their family.
Role play ‘school’
This is a time for the children to be
imaginative about starting school.
They can role play being themselves,
their new teacher or another child.
Talking about their
school with their peers
This gives the children
an opportunity to talk to
their peers about their
new school and to
begin to have a sense
of ownership over it.
School Leavers
On June 25th the
children and their
parents will be invited
to a school leavers
presentation where
the children will be
awarded with a
certificate. There will
also be a
presentation tea.
Circle time where the children
can talk about how they feel
about starting school and ask
any questions that they have
The children will be able to talk
with their peers about how
they are feeling about starting
school. They may have some
questions that they might like
to ask.
Phonics and number
When the children start
school the day will be
similar to a Pre-School
setting. The children will
also be taking part in
literacy and numeracy
times. To prepare the
children we will introduce
more challenging but still
fun phonic and number
Provide support and reassurance throughout
the process
One-to-one meetings to discuss your child’s
individual transition and needs
Provide opportunities for group discussion with
other families in a similar situation
Develop a link with your child’s school to
ensure that the transition is seamless for the
Talk to your child
Begin to show them where they will be going to
Talk to them about the journey to school
Take them with you to choose their new uniform
and shoes
Make it FUN !!!
For a smooth transition the child’s family,
nursery setting and school must work together
It is vital that there is open communication
between all three parties
EYFS - To best support children and their
families all these groups need to
communicate well, listen carefully to all
concerned and to put the children's needs
You will be invited to the school for an
information session where you will meet the
school head teacher and your child’s class
 The children will be invited to attend a
minimum of 2 visits
 Some schools like to invite parents for a one
to one session
Wokingham Borough Council
Reading Borough Council
BBC Health: Starting School
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