 Beauty
 Luck
 Self-confidence
 Social
Confident people – appear confident
 Easily communicate in a variety of
 Help others feel confidence
 Not boastful or egotistical
See the best in other people
 Enthuse others to feel more optimistic
 Them positive thinking is problemsolving
Showing their true emotions
 Masking or acting in a way that makes
others believe what they see
 Calm and serene on the surface
Good storytellers
 Language clearly and concisely
 Being serious and injecting humour to
keep audience focused
 Use body language
 Eye contact
 Ask open questions
 Remembering details
Initiating conversations
 Have expert knowledge
 Explain complex topics
 Inspires the confidence and belief of
Control people
 Motivate people
 They are confidence trickster
*confident in achieving their goals, or self-confident
Be positive
 Speak with confidence
 Having a confident voice, clothes, and
body language
Stands tall and walks with steady
 Stand or sit up straight
 Look people in the eye when you're
talking to them
 Practice in a mirror
 Think about your own gestures
Be anyone's equal
 Show an interest in people's lives
 Listen actively when others speak
 Remember people's names
 Compliment people freely
Learn to laugh at yourself
 Learn to joke around with a variety of
 Don't try too hard to be funny
 Learn to tease people
Be versatile*
 Think before you speak
 Get in touch with your emotions
*having or capable of many uses (universalus)
Charisma is the result of excellent
 Charisma can open many doors in life
 Don't try to fake charisma – learn it
Ema Stonkutė

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