Powerpoint element 4 kay issue 1 Renewable

Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced
Session/Sesiwn :
Element 4: Sustainable development
Key issue 1: The links between
society, the economy and the
Renewable & Sustainable energy.
 What is renewable and sustainable energy?
 Why do we need these?
 Types of renewable energy sources
 How we use these energy sources
Energy What is it?
Look around you. Is anything moving?
Can you hear, see or feel anything? YES
- This is because something is making
something happen, and most probably
there is some power at work. This power,
or ability to make something happen is
what we call energy. It makes change possible.
Sustainable energy
Sustainable energy is the sustainable
provision of energy that meets the needs
of the present without compromising the
ability of future generations to meet
their needs.
What is renewable energy?
Generated from:
Geothermal source
Biomass sources
Why do we need these?
Lack of non-renewable energy
150 -170 years
Fossil Fuel
30-40 years
Nuclear energy
Long time, but low level of
social acceptability
Why do we need these?
Environmental problems
 Water pollution
 Air pollution
 Nuclear waste
Why do we need these?
To avoid disasters
Types of renewable sources
1. Solar energy
 Comes from the sun
 To heat or light buildings, to generate electricity, to heat hot water
 Passive and Active solar energy
 The sun is free but the solar cells and other equipment are very
expensive (reducing slowly)
 Varies with the season and weather
The problem with solar power?
You need the sun.
Types of renewable sources
2. Wind power
 Windmills – to pump water or grind grain
 Wind turbines – to generate electricity
 World’s fastest growing energy technology
 1% of the world’s electricity
 It requires big territories
What is bad?
The wind does NOT always blow!
Types of renewable sources
3. Hydro power
 Uses water to power machinery or make electricity
 It gives 20% of the world’s electricity and 63% of the
energy from renewable sources
 Hydroelectric energy, Micro hydro system, Damless
hydro system, ocean energy
 What is renewable and sustainable energy?
 Why do we need these?
 Types of renewable energy sources
 How we use these energy sources
PowerPoint Presentation:
Working with the others in your group, research and
prepare a PowerPoint presentation on your given
forms of renewable energy to include:
A description
Examples of the renewable energy sources
Pros and cons for the different energy types.
To be presented to the rest of the class NEXT WEEK.

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