AMD presentatie - Thomas

What is AMD?
• AMD = Advanced Micro Devices
• Microproccesors, Flash Memory and Graphics Cards
History from AMD
• Small company stated at 1969
• Partnership with Intel
• Intel gave AMD their production technologies
• Juridical fight
• AMD won the case
• They bought ATI
AMD vs Intel
• AMD was better than Intel in the Past
• Nowdays Intel is better than AMD
• AMD is cheaper than Intel
• Intel has 79,3% from market share in their hands. AMD has 20,4% in their
• 16,420 Employees (2008)
• Sales Volume: 6,49 Billion Dollar
• Profit: 471 Million Dollar
• Main Office is located at Sunnyvale, California
The future from AMD
• Not a bad or good future
• Second largest Graphics Card seller
• Graphics Cards from AMD are very popular
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