Mergers & Acquisitions, Network Industries, & EC

Mergers & Acquisitions,
Network Industries, &
EC Competition Law
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January 11, 2013
Mergers & Acquisitions
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Bureau of Competition: Merger Review
SEC Office of Mergers and Acquisitions
USDOJ Guidelines, Statutes, Statistics
USDOJ Merger Reviews
Westlaw Classic & LexisNexis
Mergers & Acquisitions - Deal Information
) Acquisitions and Mergers: Negotiated and
Contested Transactions (SECACQMERG)
Takeover Defense: Mergers and Acquisitions
Westlaw Journal Mergers & Acquisitions
Datamonitor Financial Deals Tracker
Model Documents: Mergers & Acquisitions
RIA Tax Advisors Planning System Title 42:
Employee Benefits in Mergers & Acquisitions
Dolan: U.S. Taxation of International Mergers,
Acquisitions & Joint Ventures (WGL-INTMA)
Merger & Acquisition Opportunities: FirstList
Mergers & Acquisitions, Companies Seeking:
FirstList (FRSTLNMA)
Corporate Dividends and Stock Repurchases
Corporate Acquisitions, Mergers and
Divestitures (CAMD)
Mergers & Acquisitions Report (MRGAQRPT)
Mergers & Acquisitions Library
M&A Practice Center
M&A Practice Guide
Corporate Acquisitions and
Antitrust Strategies for Mergers,
Acquisitions, Joint Ventures
European Merger Control Law
Savings Institutions: Mergers,
Acquisitions and Conversions
The Deal Pipeline
Distressed Company Alert
BNA Mergers and Acquisitions
Law Report
Mergerstat M&A Database
M&A regulations, cases, company
reports, SEC EDGAR filings
Bloomberg Law (BLAW) Practice
Center: Corporate/M&A
Transactional Resources
Books & Treatises
Bloomberg Law: M& A eBook
Mergers, Acquisitions and Tender
Offers: Law and Strategies:
Corporate, Securities, Taxation,
Antitrust, Cross Border
• By Samuel C. Thompson, Jr.)
• Practising Law Institute, 4-volume looseleaf,
updated to September 2012
• XXKF1477.T483 D’Angelo Law Library
M&A Transaction Agreements
PLC M&A Practice Notes & Docs
M&A News Sources
 Bloomberg BNA:
Mergers &
Acquisitions Law
 M&A Lawyer
 The Daily Deal
 The Practical
 M&A Law Prof Blog
M&A Law Prof Blog
The DealB%k / Deal Professor
Databases for M&A Research
EDGAR (for tender offers and current reports)
Thomson One Banker (has a “Deals” section in its company
Mergerstat (via Lexis - has key details of tender offers (size,
date, cash or equity))
Corporate and Securities LibGuide (EDGAR Filings Sources)
Network Industries
 “State and federal regulation of price, quality, and entry,
with an emphasis on the regulation of natural
monopolies, cost-of-service rate-making, rate design,
and the problem of partial competition within a regulated
environment…[with particular attention to] electrical
generation and transmission, the Internet, and
telecommunications, with exposure to problems of the
other network industries, such as transportation and
consumer electronics”
 Syllabus (Professor Picker):
Network Industries: Resources
Federal Agencies (Federal
Energy Regulatory
Commission (FERC);
Federal Trade Commission
(FTC); DOJ, etc..
Telecommunications Law
Monitor/World Communications
Regulation Report
Telecom & Broadband (Bloomberg BNA
Internet Law Resource Center)
Business &
News Sources
Public Utilities Reports (PUR)/ Public
Utilities Fortnightly
EC Competition Law & Policy
 Major areas: “cartels and the exemptions for
cooperative behavior; abuse of dominance
including essential facilities, tying, bundled
rebates, and exclusive dealing; and
mergers…State aid policy under the EC treaty
including the rationale for prohibiting state
subsidies of industry and the application of State
aid by the European Commission and courts”
 David Evans (Competition Policy in the
European Community, Spring 2013)
Books, Journals, News Sources
• Bellamy & Child European Community Law of Competition (6th
ed. 2008 & 2d Supplement 2012)
• EU Competition Law: An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases
(Hart, 3d ed. 2012)
• EU Competition Law (Claeys & Casteels, 2d ed. 2012)
Journals, News, Websites, Databases
• PLC Competition (includes EU Competition Law Daily); PLC EU
• CURIA ; EUROPA; Westlaw; LexisNexis; KluwerCompetitionLaw*
• European Competition Law Review (ECLR)
• Competition Policy International (CPI)
Books (Online Full Text & Indexes)
EC Competition: Merger Cases
Merger Case Search
AT & T / TCI Merger
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