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What is Art Therapy?
Presented by Cara Levitt, M.S. ATR-BC
Registered Board Certified Art Therapist
About Me.
• Cara E. Levitt, MS, ATR-BC, is a Board Certified
Registered Art Therapist
• Experience working with a variety of
challenging children, adolescents and families.
• Born and raised in Sarasota Florida
• Graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical
School's Art Therapy Masters Program in
Art Therapy is….
• Using the processes and products of art
making to express emotions, find creative
solutions and improve quality of life.
• Used with all ages from preschool to
• All populations and it can address a variety
mental health problems.
• It can help build social skills, coping skills,
problem solving skills.
• Assessments
– analyzing projective drawings
• Diagnostically
• Developmentally
• Reflection
– Looking at the artwork.
– Discussing the artwork.
– See the metaphors relate it to life.
• Tangible Success
Art Therapy Projective Imagery
Assessment (AT-PIA)
Projective Scribble- measures creativity
Favorite Weather- environment/mood
Human Figure- self concept/developmental
Kinetic Family- Family dynamics
Reason for Being Here- defenses/problems
Free Choice- closure/recovery
Used by trained professionals only.
The process of art making can be therapeutic.
Self soothing, teaches how to self regulate
Builds coping skills
Outlet for emotions
Cathartic- release of emotions
Container- holds the emotions
Expressive Therapies Continuum
Dry Materials------------------------Wet Materials
• Pencils, crayons, markers,oil pastels,chalk
pastels, glue, play dough watercolors,
paints, paper mache, wet clay.
Try this at home to unlock your creativity
• Scribble freely on the page
• Look at this scribble from all directions
• See if you can find an image, and object or
• Outline this shape and use other colors to
develop the scribble into a picture.
• Place a title on the back.
Contact Info
Cara Levitt,M.S., ATR-BC
[email protected]
Draw it Out! Art Therapy
200 S Washington Blvd 4A
Sarasota, FL 34236

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