Trainee ePortfolio Revision 2013

Trainee ePortfolio Revision 2013
Dr J Foulkes
Headline Changes
Updated look and feel
New functionality
Educational Supervisors Review(ESR)
New Look – Supervisor role
New look - Trainee
New functionality
• Trainees will now be able to email requests to
have evidence forms completed
• Recipients will be able to use links in the email
to more easily navigate to the relevant input
• New Look Learning Log
• Trainees and Supervisors able to link
evidence for the ESR as reference to
Trainee Self-Rating
•trainee is able to access a summary table of all evidence during that review
period which relates to each competence.
•The trainee can view each piece of evidence and select a maximum of 3
entries per competence heading
•These can be learning logs, CbDs, COTs, etc – each will be labelled by date,
subject title, etc for easy identification.
•Chosen evidence will then appear as linked items within the self-rating.
•The trainee will still be required to write a summary in the evidence box
explaining their reasoning,
•Trainee writes suggested action plans for next 6 months
ES Competence Rating
•Trainee’s self-rating page and the ES competency
rating page are essentially merged,
•When the ES is doing the competency rating they
can see the trainees self-rating under each
competence heading, with the evidence they have
selected to support their self-assessment available
as a link which the ES can click to view.
•ES is asked, “Do you agree that the evidence the
trainee has provided demonstrates progression in
the current review period?”
•A Yes/No question,
•If ES does not agree, the ES is given the option to
link a further 3 pieces of evidence to support their
own assessment from a summary table of all
evidence during that review period which relates to
that specific competence.
•Narrative text to support their judgements will still
need to be entered in the evidence and actions
Amount of Curriculum Linkage &
Validation of Log Entries
Curriculum linkage
•maximum number of linkages be applied to the
ePortfolio – 3 per log entry
•‘hover over’ info boxes reinforce the guidance
on linkage for the trainee,
•Should reduce the need for ES’s to ‘police’ this
Amount of Curriculum Linkage &
Validation of Log Entries
Validating Log Entries
•Guidance to ESs will be reissued to remind
them of the purpose of validation
•A ‘hover over’ info box with the TeP to reinforce
this message.
Cumulative Tables
Evidence in the cumulative tables for Curriculum
coverage and the Competence Areas are split
into 3 columns:
• 1 = evidence during current review period,
• 2 = evidence during current ST year,
• 3 = cumulative evidence over entire period of
training to date.
Review of PDP (1)
• “Agreed Actions Before Next Review” in the ESR can be
auto-populated into the PDP, via a tick-box for each
competence area
• Trainees will still be able to add other entries to the PDP
• In Trainee Self-rating section, the actions box to say
“Suggested Actions before next Review”
Review of PDP (2)
• In the ES Competence Rating, the actions box to say “Agreed
Actions before next Review” –these auto-populate into
PDP/Agreed Learning Plan box (ES to select - max 5)
• On the final page of the ESR there will be 5 standard text
boxes, labelled '1., 2., 3, etc.’ for Agreed Learning plans
• ES will be able to record up to 5 separate learning plans. These
could be:
• those that have been tagged in the Competence Areas,
• separate entries,
• mixture of both.
• They should be editable and the ES should be able to
'untick' those in the competence areas at any stage
before submission.
Review of PDP (3)
• Entries made in ESR will insert into the Trainee's PDP (as
separate entries) once the ESR is signed.
• PDP entries generated from an ESR will be tagged with a
text indicator (Action Plan from ESR ST1-2) where the
review label reflects the source ESR
• The PDP entries from the ESR can be manipulated by the
Trainee like any other PDP entry (edited etc.) but they
will not be able to edit the text inserted by the ES nor will
they be able to delete it.

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