Drake University/DELTA Rx Institute – NuCara Pharmacy

Drake University/DELTA Rx Institute – NuCara Pharmacy
Entrepreneurial Leadership Summer Internship
Summer 2013
Ben Dagraedt, PharmD/MBA Candidate 2016
Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
My experience with DELTA Rx and NuCara
provided me with a truly unique
experience that allowed me to learn more
about all aspects of community pharmacy
and especially pharmacy management.
Even though I have worked as a student
intern at multiple pharmacies, the
experiences I had at NuCara were almost
always new and unique. I researched
compounding laws, learned about HME,
staff management, financial reporting,
marketing, opening the 2 telepharmacy
in Iowa, and piloting the new patient care
model. The diverse locations and specialty
care provided by NuCara Pharmacies
allowed me to experience all aspects of
community pharmacy.
NuFill - Medication Synchronization Program- Final Project
Piloted in one store to expand to the rest of the company
Improved pharmacy/physician/patient relationships
Improved pharmacy workflow and created more time for patient care by utilizing the
pharmacy’s WinRx software to its fullest potential and eliminated paper sync system
Improved patient adherence by eliminating lack of access to medication by
proactively calling the patient and having refills ready before the patient ran out
NuFill Feedback from Pilot Sit
“ We really like the fact that we can ju
run a report to see patient adherence d
It is so much easier than using an accor
folder or any other sort of paper system
“We are thankful that we can set up a
patient on this system and their
prescriptions will enter the queue ever
month without intervention. “
Unique Opportunities and Experiences
Participated in an acquisition of a new pharmacy in North Dakota
Attended Epilepsy Task Force Meetings with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy and IPA
Experienced the remodel and construction of 3 pharmacies
Attended the IPA annual meeting to network with other professionals
Participated in Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) Political Action Committee meeting
 Visited the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy and helped with a computer conversion
at NuCara in Valley City
Left to right: Lori Willis,
Dianne Miller, Brett Barker,
Ben Dagraedt at the
World’s Largest Buffalo in
Jamestown, North Dakota
Created custom Anticoagulation Clinic forms and a CLIA waiver presentation
Attended NuCara Leadership Team meetings to learn about pharmacy chain
Visited 12 NuCara sites in 2 different states
Sponsors and Special Thanks
Brett Barker, Pamela Wong, Jeff Mul
Steven Martens, TJ Johnsrud, Brian
Wegmann, Whitney Slinker, and the r
the NuCara Pharmacists and Nucara
Pharmacy Management Team
The Delta Rx Institute
Drake University CPHS and especially
Renae Chesnut and Dr. Tom Swartwoo
Pharmacists Mutual and McKesson

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