The Ten Plagues PowerPoint

Moses and The
Ten Plagues
One day, when Moses was moving the
sheep, he came to Horeb, which was
the mountain of God. An angel
appeared in the flame of fire in a
bush, except the bush wasn’t
burning! God called from the bush
“Moses, Moses! Take off your shoes
because this is holy ground.” You’re
the one I want to go before Pharaoh
and lead the Israelites out of Egypt.
Moses said “Why me and what am I
supposed to tell them?” God said “I
AM WHO I AM. Tell the people that I
AM sent you.”
So, Moses asked “What if they don’t
believe me or they won’t listen to me?”
God told him to throw down his rod and
it turned into a snake… Moses ran from
it! When Moses picked it up by the tail,
it returned to his rod. God told him
“They will believe.”
Moses still isn’t sure about it and replies
“But God, I really don’t talk very well.”
So God, said to go to Aaron, his brother,
and he will do the talking and you will
show the proof of Me.” So, Moses took
his family and returned to Egypt.
Moses and Aaron went to the Pharaoh. They
asked if he would free the Israelites from slavery.
The Pharaoh said to show him a miracle, Aaron
threw down his rod (walking stick) and it turned
into a serpent! Pharaoh called in his magicians
and they turned their rods into snakes, too,
except Aaron’s snake ate all their snakes.
Now, God sends
the 10 plagues to
show Pharaoh
the power of
God. God wants
the Pharaoh to
free the
Israelites. Until
the Pharaoh
agrees, God will
punish the
Egyptian people,
but not the
God Turned the
Nile River from
Water to Blood:
all the fish die
and there's no
water to drink.
After 7 days
e. Pharaoh said,
“have your God
take them away
and I will let the
people go.” All
the frogs died
except for the
ones by the river.
The Egyptians
gathered them all
together and
made piles of
them and it stank!
So, the problem
was taken care of
and Pharaoh
changed his
Next, lice on all
people and
animals. Aaron
held out his staff
and hit the dirt.
It became lice.
couldn't do this
too and told the
Pharaoh to
listen to Moses
and Aaron.
 God
then sent down
swarms of flies. But
the Pharaoh
hardened his heart at
this time also, he
would still not let the
people go.
The fifth
plague was
when all the
animals died,
but all the
Next came the boils
(which are terrible
infections of the
skin) on all the
people and animals.
They took ashes
from the furnace
and Moses
sprinkled it in the
air and everyone
who had boils!
God sent
thunder, hail
and fire that
ran along the
ground after
Moses raised
up his staff to
The 8th plague is
locusts. The land
was dark with
them and they ate
green! The
Pharaoh asked for
them to be gone,
so God made a
strong wind and
blew them away.
But once again, the
Pharaoh changed
his mind and
would not let the
Israelites go.
Next, God
ordered thick
darkness for 3
days. So dark
that everyone
stayed in their
The final plague was the death of every Egyptian first born child. The
Lord appeared that night at midnight and all the Egyptian first born
children died, even the firstborn animals. However, the Hebrews were
told by God to kill a perfect male lamb and put the blood on the door
frame (top & sides) and the Lord would passed over their homes and
not kill anyone. This is why Jewish people today celebrate Passover
because God passed over their homes and only killed the first born of
every Egyptian Family.
After all of the Egyptian’s first born children
were killed, the Pharaoh finally decided to
let the Israelites go.
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