Olaudah Equiano Reading Questions

Olaudah Equiano Reading
1. Characters: Who are the main
characters? What distinguishes
them from other characters?
• Equiano, his sister, captors and slaves
2. Setting: When and where did
the story take place?
• Africa and on the slave ship
3. Initiating Event: What prompted
the action in the story?
• Equiano’s capture
5. Goal: What did the main
Characters decide to do? Did they
set a goal? What was it?
• Cope with the conditions and survive
6. Consequence: How did the main
characters try to accomplish their
• Ate, slept and tried to comfort themselves
7. Resolution: What were the
• Equiano would become a slave
8. Words I did not recognize: Write
down the words you did not
• Unbound, allayed, victuals, countenances,
salutation, flogged, pestilential, respiration
• Olaudah Equiano was captured from Africa at
a very young age and was forced onto a ship
where he would be sent to the Americas. He
faced many difficult situations including
chains, flogging and terrible smells.

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