Bell-l Intermountain-Region

By: Leila, Marie, A.J. and Andrew
The tribes California had were Indians
such as, Shoshones, Paiutes, Miwoks, and
Pomos. They were the ones that roamed
California-Intermountain Regions.
Some of the foods they ate were Rabbits,
Ants, and Berries. They had a hard time
finding all of these foods.
They made their shelter by chopping down
redwood trees and building houses. They had
a hard time chopping down the redwood
They made accessories from sea shells
and sold them for money. They found the sea
shells on the ocean coast and broke them
into pieces and put them on string.
Some of the tools they used were baskets
they wove out of roots, grasses, reeds, bark
and small willow branches. They liked to
decorate them with shells, beads, and
feathers. The baskets help them to carry their
The tribes went through many different
climates, such as extreme heat and cold and
many rainfalls. With these climates, many
animals and plants weren’t there.
The California-Intermountain
environments were mostly desserts. It was
mainly hot but super cold at the night. The
tribes were very hot most of the time with the

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