3 My Day at a Sumo Camp

3 My Day at a Sumo Camp
• I am a big fan of sumo wrestling, so I joined a threeday sumo camp in Japan last month. At the camp, I
lived like a real sumo wrestler.
• 我是相撲的大粉絲,所以我上月參加了三天的日本
• On the first day, we got up at five and started training
without breakfast! The sumo master told us that
sumo wrestlers always skip breakfast and train on an
empty stomach.
• 第一天,我們五點起床,不吃早餐開始訓練. 相撲師
• Tell 人 that + 句子
• This helps them get bigger and stronger because
they can eat a lot afterwards. During the training,
we practiced the basic skills of pushing and pulling
the other wrestler out of the sumo ring.
• 這幫他們變得越胖和強壯,因為他們稍後可以吃
更多. 訓練期間,我們練習基本的推拉其他選手
• Get (變得…)+形容詞
• The light of the sun
• The leaf of the tree
• The surface of the lake
• Out of …外面 (介係詞)
• 介係詞+動名詞Ving
• The master was very strict and we kept practicing
for many hours. When it was over, I really
couldn’t feel my legs.
• 師傅很嚴格,我們一直練習好幾個小時.當結束
• Very 副詞
• Really 副詞
• Could/can 能
• (助動詞)
• At eleven, I was starving and we could finally have our
first meal of the day. We ate rice and thick chanko-nabe
soup for brunch.
• 11點,我餓死了,我終於可以吃今天第一餐.我們吃米
• Finally 副詞
• There were a lot of
• vegetables, meat,
• and fish in the soup.
• It was quite delicious,
• so I ate a lot.
• 湯裡有很多蔬菜,肉和魚.
• 它很美味,所以我吃很多.
• At last, I was too full to move! Luckily, we could
take a long nap after brunch. We woke up three
hours later and did more training. At six-thirty,
we had another large meal for dinner.
• 最後,我太飽而無法動. 幸運地,早午餐後,我們
• 三小時後,我們醒來,
• 做更多訓練.6:30,
• 我們吃另一頓豐盛
• 的晚餐.
• Too full to 太飽而不能…
• Luckily 副詞
• When I went to bed, I was very happy because my
first day at the camp finally came to an end.
Because of this camp, I realized that sumo
wrestlers have to eat, sleep, and exercise in a very
special way. It was really a great experience!
• 當我上床睡覺,我很快樂,因為相撲營地一天終
• Because of (介係詞) 因為
• 動詞三態:Go went gone
• Very/
• Finally/
• Really (副詞)

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