HMD Vision A healthy Cherokee community where all people can

July 2013
ᏣᎳᎩ Tribal Health Assessment
HMD Vision
A healthy Cherokee community where all people can enjoy
health and wellness in a clean, safe environment, be
protected from public health threats, and access highquality, culturally respectful health care.
HMD Mission
In partnership with the Cherokee community, the Health
and Medical Division works to improve the health of
individuals, families and the community through disease
prevention, health promotion and protection from public
health threats.
Spring 2013 Community Survey
•795 eligible surveys
•Enrolled members age 18 and over
•Tribe represented across age groups and
•More women responded than men.
Thank you to everyone who completed a survey,
and who distributed and collected them!
Satisfaction with
Cherokee Health System Services (n=782)
Very Satisfied
Very Dissatisfied
Comments: Satisfied with quality, access to care
and medications, providers positive attitudes,
respect, improvements, well-run.
Quality of Life: Top 3 Positive Impacts
Love, support, spending
time with family/friends
Satisfying Job/school
and financial
Receiving care (surgery&
Quality of Life: Top 3 Negative Impacts
•Personal health problems
•Family/home life stress/problems with personal
relationships(family/ spouse)
•Work stress/ employment struggles
Biggest Concerns
•Individual: weight, diabetes
•For the future: healthy weight,
diabetes & complications
•For the community: diabetes and
complications, addiction
23% ate less than they should because of
lack of money or food in last year
75% are prepared to
stay home for three
days without outside
Our Strengths
Approximately 60% agreed:
•Plenty of help in times of need
•Satisfied with the natural environment
•Cherokee culture and traditions are valued
•Good place to grow old and to raise children
• There is economic opportunity in EBCI
Key Informant Interviews
15 Community Health Leaders said:
•Emphasis on prevention!
•School clinic
•Substance abuse
•Some community members do not have a voice
•Disease/ risk factors agreed with the community survey
•Current changes are addressing some of the issues,
including access to doctors
Sgi for your support.

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