Early Australian Project

Early Australia Project
Due : Wednesday 18th June 2014
Imagine what life would have been like in early Australia compared with today. Life
would have been very different.
Your task is to find out what it would have been like during this time. You are going
to research about the important historical moments in Australia's history, including
Australia’s famous explorers, British settlement , Aboriginal people and the gold
We have already completed the four tasks that are highlighted in class. You need to choose another two to
complete of YOUR CHOICE! (You might like to think about your wondering questions to help you decide on
what you will choose)You must include a reference page listing of where you got your information from. Be as
creative as you would like in how you present this project. You can present this in any form you like. Some
examples are a time capsule, a PowerPoint presentation or a poster. It’s up to you! You will be presenting this
to the class.
You are one of the first
convicts to be sent to Australia
in 1788. Describe why you
were sent here and share at
least 5 of your friends crimes
and their punishments that are
with on the first fleet.
Draw and find two important
things about the Eureka flag.
Pretend you were a part of
the gold rush. Write a
recount of a typical day on
the gold field. What
struggles did you face?
What was it like?
Describe and illustrate (or
make) a traditional tools/
and or clothing that the
Aboriginal people used.
Find out what a dreamtime
story is and publish one to read
to the class.
Which European explorers
came to Australia before the
First Fleet? Choose one and
find out when, how and why
they came to Australia. Add
any other interesting
information that you can
about their voyage.
Chose a significant person
from Australian history, find
out who they are and why
they are important.
Compare the sort of food
the Aboriginal people ate
to that of the early settlers.
How was it cooked and
how did they get it?
Complete a biography all
about Captain James Cook.
Who was he? Why did he
visit Australia? Include all
relevant information about
him and see if you can find a
picture to include of him.
Find out what started the
Gold Rush and when it
What was life like for
Aboriginal people before the
arrival of the
How did the early settlers
treat the Aboriginal
Use a map of the world to
show the voyage of one or
more European explorers
that came to Australia.
Use the scale and
directions to describe the
journey the explorer took.
You are going to go to the gold
rush. Draw and explain the
things that you will need to do
this. Ie, a gold permit, food,
clothing, tools etc.
Write a handwritten letter
back ‘home’ to your family
telling about either life on the
ship over to Australia
travelling, or life as a new
Show a map of early
Australia and find three
things that are different to
what it might look like now.
Draw or make a model of
the homes of the early
settlers/gold rush miners
and or the homes of the
Aboriginal people.

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