FIspace Review Story Board
SW Demo related Presentations
Sequence, Messages, Responsibilities
Approach for the demos/presentations
1. Set the context by the business person – what why how
2. Reference implementation demo – What is working today in
the current FIspace implementation
3. Outlining specific technical perspectives –> What is the way
towards the end of FIspace – the future/vision
4. Final business dimension –> what will be possible in the
future and which impact can be realised
Benefits for
Supply Chain Actors
Tailored info for consumers
Operational improvements
 all actors ,dynamic collaboration
Business Perspective
• End to end messaging across the
supply chain – many actors
• Easy definition of workflows between
supply chain actors
• Enforcement and tracking of workflow
between supply chain actors
• End-to-end automated event handling
across the supply chain
Technical Perspective
Atos, Paco 5-10 Min.
UI & profile management
 Role based access
KOC, Ferhad 5-10 Min.
K+N, Dave 5Min.
New collaborations & markets
 Global sourcing, quality demand
• Easily change the business workflows
to include a new supplier
• Virtualisation of business relations and
flow of goods, combined with new
added value services/providers
• Provision of data
• Satisfy legal requirements
B2B elements, approach for
configuration workflow
IBM, Eliezer 10 Min.
PlusFresc, Eloi 5 Min.
Farming Advice
Operational improvements
 IoT for farming, precision agric.
• Integration & automated exchange of
sensor/other data (IoT connection)
• Easy integration of expert system into
• Easy capture of knowledge gained
from supply chain interactions for
improving expert system
Kverneland Peter 10 -? Min.
New collaborations & markets
 No lock-in, openness also for
Minimum 55-65 Min.
(without questions/discussion)
• Easily change the business workflows
to include a new actor
• Easily instantiate a new business
contract with a new actor
• Easily allow access to sensor or other
data source from app users (farmers)
allowing e.g. big data analysis in the
future by companies like Kverneland
SDI – A) sensor integration (also
practically showing sensor integration)
NKUA , Aggelos -5Min
SDI - B) interoperability of devices
and Apps
LimeTri, Timon 5Min
App Store
IBM, Eliezer 5Min.
To be clarified
• What is the latest status of the App Store?
– What can we show?
– It is planned to have a functionality for the farmer to configure an app
in the store for its usage -> configuring URL, combining with unique ID
• We need to elaborate the messages of the technical
– Key features, implemented and planned (i.e. also reporting the status
of implementation, like nothing done, started, half way, most things
done, completed)
– Challenges
– GEs used
Benefits for
App Developers
Platform Attractiveness
Lowering costs of app
Reuse App Components
Customise Apps
for specific user (groups)
Push new App ecosystems
Business Perspective
• Not reinventing the basic platform
features – two perspectives, effort
and ability
• Open Source Reuse
• Defined integration model
• Facilitate requirements engineering
• Stable cloud environment
M&A, Sander
Limetri, Timon
Innova, Makis?
For all three 5-10 Min.
Technical Perspective
FIspace SDK
Atos, Javier 30Min.
FIspace CSB
IBM, Eliezer 5-10 Min.
Initial Apps, becoming
platform services
KOC, Serdar 10-15 Min.
FIspace technical security
Compile different apps for
Facilitate legacy system integration
FIspace experimentation
KOC, Ferhad, 15 Min.
Minimum 65-80 Min.
(without questions/discussion)
FIspace store
Something to show?
IBM , Eliezer, please decide
if we shall have split
To be clarified
• WP 300 results – are we offering certain results to external
parties? Do have app developers access to the
experimentation infrastructure.
– Answer in Madrid –> The results can be used also by the new app
developers and by external developers
• Taping videos without sound –> separate videos as
appropriate – will be updated according to implementation.
• Final decision needed on when and how to present:
FIspace SW development
FIspace quality assurance
LimeTri, Timon 10-15 Min.
Development status and
planning next actions
Atos, Said 10-15 Min.
Proposed Participants for the Review Meeting
• Please check and propose changes if required
• Rehearsal Meeting:
– Technical Test at EC BU33 0/54 – 08:30-12:30:
• Aggelos, Ferhad, Javier Hitado, Moti, Pablo, Paco, Romero, Serdar, Timon
– Overall Rehearsal at iMinds, Pleinlaan 9 – 10:00-20:00
• Andreas, Anna, Dave, Eliezer, Eloi, Gonzalo, Harald, Heritiana, Juan, Krijn, Makis?,
Peter, Said, Sander?, Sjaak
• Review Meeting Participants:
– Management Team: Andreas, Dave, Eliezer, Harald, Said, Sjaak
– Business Message: Eloi, Juan, Makis, Peter, Sander?
– Technical Messages: Aggelos, Ferhad, Hitado, Moti, Pablo, Paco, Romero,
Serdar, Timon
– Exploitation:
Anna, Gonzalo, Heritiana, Krijn
• Place of Review:
Avenue Beaulieu 33, Room: BU33 0/54

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