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Take5 Safety App
The future in safety monitoring & notification
What is a Take5 App?
It is 2 combined Safety Apps created for SMART PHONES &
TABLETS (iOS and Android). It allows workers to do safety
Take 5 Reports and Hazard Reports on the job and instantly
submit these reports and photo’s to multiple email recipients –
(managers & supervisors)
How does it work?
STEP 1. Download Take5 from the app store
STEP 2. Open the App
STEP 3. Fill out the profile with your details
STEP 4. Choose the T5 (Take5) or H5 (Hazard Report)
STEP 5. Follow the prompts, fill out the forms, click on the
radio buttons, take photo’s of hazards
STEP 6. Click on the submit button.
STEP 7. That’s it. - Your T5 or H5 report is on its way to
What is the Profile?
The profile is the App Users personal details – this is
where each app draws common detail for its reports and
the details of report recipients to speed up data entry
There are 13 fields in the profile…
Company Name
Employee Name
Employee ID
Job Title
Employee Contact Number
Employee Email
Supervisors Name
Supervisors Email
Supervisors Contact Number
Emergency Number
Emergency Radio Channel
CC Email (Multiple; email; recipients;)
What is the T5?
The T5 is our app version of the Take5. If you’ve ever filled out one of
those small Take5 cards on a construction or mining site then you
already know how to fill this out. The only difference is that it’s on
your phone and as soon as it is completed and submitted the report is
already on its way to the email of the safety manager allowing far
better management of data faster than ever before. Management can
know the T5 is complete even before the job has started and you can
know by lunch time who is doing their T5’s and who isn’t. This has to
be the greatest improvement to Take5 data management ever and no
more printing costs.
What is the H5?
The H5 is Take5’s Hazard Report. This will be the fastest hazard report
you will ever do especially if you consider each aspect of the hazard
reporting process. With our H5 report you type in the Hazard brief,
select the severity grade of the Hazard, touch the GPS locator to identify
the location of the Hazard, take 1 to 5 photo’s of the Hazard and finally
press the submit button. As long as the user has reception the report is
sent to the predefined email recipients (Safety Manager/Supervisor)
instantly. Depending on the level of detail, a hazard report can take a
user around 30 seconds from start to finish.
It’s that easy.
Thank you
for your time
Please visit our website for more
information or the Apple or Android
app stores to download the app.
Email: [email protected]

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