BluePay Mobile Payfirma HQ App

Payfirma HQ Mobile App
User Guide
What’s Coming Up
Downloading the App
Signing In
Account Settings
How to Process a Transaction
How to Process a Refund
Troubleshooting Tips
1.0 Downloading the App
Step 1 Click the App Store
Step 2 Search for Payfirma HQ
Install the Free app
Step 3 Open the Payfirma app
You will need an Apple ID and Password to download from the App Store.
This can be setup at
2.0 Signing In
Step 1
Step 2
Open the Payfirma app
Click Sign In
Enter Username
Enter Password
3.0 Account Settings
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Select the Settings button
Select Receipt Settings
Enter your business name and
receipt emails address
4.0 Processing a Transaction
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Have customer sign
on the screen
Enter customers’ email
Make sure Sale is highlighted.
Enter Sale amount
Enter Description (optional)
Sale is
5.0 Processing a Refund
Step 1
Select transaction from
Transactions Log
Step 2
Select Issue Refund
Step 3
Make sure Refund is
Tap Submit
Refund is Complete!
6.0 Troubleshooting Tips
If you are using a swiper
• Make sure the volume of your device is set to the maximum level
• Swipe the card with the magnetic strip facing away from you
• You can swipe left to right and right to left
If the app crashes or freezes, close the Payfirma HQ app out
1. Double tap the home button of your iOS device
2. Tap and hold the Payfirma HQ icon until a (-) icon appears on the
top left corner
3. Tap on the (-) icon to remove the app from the app tray.
4. Re-launch the Payfirma HQ app.

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