Lesson 10 Presentation

Pitch Guidelines
Lesson 10
Check-in: Presentation
• You should be at least halfway done with your
• Raise your hand if you have done this
• Topics
Review final deliverables
Project submission guidelines
App demo video
• Activity – open work time
Complete business plan or presentation
Refine source code for your app
What are your deliverables?
• Screen shots of your app prototype (3
• Source code for your team’s prototype
• Presentation slide desk (PPT)
• Pitch video
See page 31 of the
• Demo video of app
workbook for an updated list.
• Business Plan
• 100-word app description
Other items to complete
• Photo of your team
• Completion of survey (found in Lesson 12)
Submission Process
• You will submit your deliverables online.
• Submission instructions will be explained in
Lesson 12.
• All deliverables must be submitted online by
May 2nd, 5pm PST / 8pm EST.
Judging Process
The top teams will be invited to the World Pitch
event in San Francisco, California as follows:
• Top middle school division team.
• Top 8 high school teams, based on region.
• Top university division team.
• Making for a total of 10 teams
Technovation Challenge
• What are you being judged on?
• 36 points and 4 bonus points = 40 points
See page 32 of the
Judging Criteria:
Objective Items
• Did the team identify a real problem in the
• Does the app solve the problem that was
• Is the prototype fully functional?
It should contain at least 3 screens with all buttons and
links functional and no obvious bugs
Judging Criteria:
Subjective Items
• Is the Pitch compelling?
• Is the Business Plan sound and thorough?
• Is there a practical vision for extending the
app beyond the prototype stage?
• Does the app contain dynamic functionality?
• Is the User Interface intuitive and easy to
Judging Criteria:
Bonus Points!
• Does the app incorporate external data
• An especially creative design
• 4 total bonus points possible
Demo video of your app
Up to 2 minutes total time
Show the functionality of your app
Simple and clear
Highlight the unique features of your app
Focus on the user interface
Watch example videos
Pitch Video
All members of the team must speak
Persuasive video for the judges
Who, what, when, where, why, and how
Up to 4 minutes for the video
Clear and creative
Example video: Arrive
Activity: test video & editing
• Sound Quality
It is really important select a quiet space
If you can, use a separate audio recorder because
it will probably be better than the camera’s
• Lighting:
Use different sources ( table lamps, etc)
Remember to turn all the lights on if the ambient
is dark.
Task List
Test video sound and lighting
Finish presentation slides
Prototype Development
Next week:
Practice your pitch and get feedback
Video tape your app demo and first cut of pitch
See page 33 of the
Dress for success!

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