Mobile Sponsorship Proposal

Mobile Sponsorship Proposal
• DaftRun has Launched a mobile
App on both Android & Apple for
Joining, Finding & Creating Sports
Events like:
1. Running
2. Cycling
3. Canoeing
We are seeking sponsors for this
unique and innovative
What does the app do?
I’m a runner and I am looking for a 10k to run close to me. I can turn on the App, go to
the search screen and click Ireland, Kerry and I will get a list of all Sporting Event Icons. I
can then click the running man and I can see what running events are happening near
me. If I’m a Golfer I click the golf man, if I’m a Cyclist I click the cycling man etc...
When an event is uploaded in the user’s location the user will be able to see what is on
in a 20 mile radius. They can also check international listing and see what is on in other
countries and counties/states. Then from there they can view info about the event,
enter the website, chat on the app and share on their social networks.
DaftRun is a great way to promote sports, races or competitions to the Community and
beyond. People will be able to switch on their phone and view your event on the go,
enter the events webpage and share it on their social networks.
I have at least 5000 downloads at the moment with little to no advertising and I would
like that number to grow. There are around 15+ App opens a day. And with more sports
added every month and more users downloading, this number will grow exponentially.
EVERYBOBY is on Moblie
There are 5.9 Billion mobile
Subscribers worldwide!!!
That’s 87% of the world’s
6/7 people worldwide finds more
than one sport appealing to
either watch, play, or hear about.
One in Every 5 People in the World own a Smartphone. Mobile Internet use
will continue to surge over the next five years, at a rate of 66 percent each
It’s Time for Sports
Search By Location
Read & Join Events
Search any Country in the world to find a sport
that is going in your location. Also you can
search your county or state.
On the sport page people can
read, join, call, chat and view the
Event Organisers Website.
What is DaftRun-TheSportsFinder?
DaftRun is a sports finder App
that helps the organizer
promote, show and advertise
their sporting event free to the
community at large.
2. As a User I can enter the App and
either becomes a member which
I can chat, favourite, find events
by location, or I can just enter a
guest to just view events and
With an easy uploading system
through to app which takes just
a few minutes, they can add a
description, photo, website link
and contact details which the
user can view and join.
4. When the user enters the App
they can check what is going on
anywhere in the world through
the calendar page, then they can
go to the search screen where
they can find events by location
in their town or check a list of
countries and counties to find out
what’s going on anywhere they
are going.
Mobile App Sponsorship
1) Reach a wide audience that is on the high end of
the income bracket
2) Be visible to an audience you wouldn’t otherwise
3) Associate your brand with events that people will
be joining
4) Easily integrate call to action: coupons, contests,
sharing, registration, request for more
Mobile Sponsorship Opportunities
Splash Page (main page everyone sees on app launch)
– “app sponsored by Your Company”
Clickable Banner (displayed on most pages)
– Can include just your logo and/or call to action: get coupon, contest for more
information, enter contest…
Dedicated Page for Your Company
– A page in the “more info” section of the app dedicated to the sponsor. Include company
information, promotions, coupons, links to corporate and social media presence.
Marketing of app with mentions of your company’s support
– “app sponsored by Your Company” on event website, posters, announcements at events
“we wish to thank Your Company for sponsoring our mobile app.
Complete Exclusive Package (1 Year): 0ffer a Bid $
Splash Page
• Dedicated logo on splash page
• Viewable by everyone when
app is opened
• Largest and strongest
Cost: $Make Offer
Exclusive for 1 year
Clickable Banner
• Dedicated banner visible on
app pages
• Banner is clickable – can
include call to action:
• - get coupon, contact for more
information, enter contest …
Cost: $Make Offer
Exclusive for 1 year
App Marketing & Sponsor
• Event Website & Poster to promote app
includes “App Sponsored by Your Company”
• Other marketing material will use the app
graphics that include mentions of Your
• Mentions at the events “We wish to announce
our new mobile app. Thank you to Your
Company for sponsoring the app”
• If you have any other proposals or idea’s
please contact us.
• @daftplanet
What’s Next?
• Fill in application form and send to
[email protected]
• To know more call +353873636182 or email
[email protected]
• Please respond to Daniel Mac Sweeney
• For costs offer us a quote or call and talk to us.
Mobile Sponsorship Application
Company/Organization Information
Company/Organization Name ________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________________ Province/State ___________________________
Postal Code/Zip _______________________ Country _______________________________________
Phone _________________________ Fax ____________________________
Web Address______________________________________________ E-mail __________________________
Mobile Sponsorship Options
Splash Page
Banner Ad
In app Full Screen Ad
Contact Us
• Do you have questions?
• Want to organise a meeting with us?
• Want to Sponsor us?
[email protected]
Or call the CEO, Daniel Mac Sweeney
+353 873636182

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